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Redo tailscale URL /

By Garrett Clausen @jee
    2023-10-11 16:02:05.291Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    This might be more of a question for Tailscale but I successfully installed Tailscale using the instructions on TinyPilot. I got the URL and authenticated via Tailscape login. Only issue is I didn’t realize that I need it to be authenticated to a different account. How do I go about “redo”ing this process? I’ve since removed it from my Tailscape and then deleted my Tailscape. Do I just run “sudo tailscale up” again or can I just send same URL to correct Tailscape account? Sorry very new to all this

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    1. C

      Hi Garrett, thanks for your question about Tailscale.

      You can connect to a new Tailscale account by first ensuring you have signed out of the existing account on your TinyPilot device:

      sudo tailscale logout

      Once you've signed out of the existing account, you can generate a new connection URL by bringing the Tailscale connection up:

      sudo tailscale up

      You can then follow the same procedure as before to finish adding your TinyPilot device to your account.