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Possible to install 3rd party software?

By @gafrol
    2023-10-27 18:38:51.719Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I need remote access to the KVM when outside of my own network and I don't want to open any inbound connection ports on my firewall. I would like to install the zerotier agent on the KVM. If I am not mistaken TinyPilot allows SSH access to the RPi OS, this should allow the installation of software, right?


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. C

      Hi @gafrol, thank you for your question about remote access.

      You can indeed install third-party remote access software on your TinyPilot device. Our FAQ about how to access your TinyPilot over the Internet might be a helpful resource to get started.

      We have yet to add a ZeroTier tutorial, so I'd recommend checking out the ZeroTier support pages. TinyPilot runs on Linux, so to install ZeroTier all you need to do is enable SSH and then follow the "Linux (DEB/RPM)" instructions on the ZeroTier download page.

      1. G@gafrol
          2023-10-29 11:27:52.073Z

          Thanks, I am very familiar with ZT. It's good to know I can install it on TinyPilot.