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Lag is big over LAN & Keyboard shortcuts dont work

By @xtnkt
    2023-11-02 00:08:21.519Zassigned to
    • @david

    Hello im new to tiny piloot. Looking to work remote. Bought a tiny pillot, installed it. It seems to work.
    1.Lag seems to be more than 200 ms.
    2. im not an engineer, im a designer, so working with design soft i use alot of keyboard shortcuts and those seem to NOT be working any more in the browser. is there a work around?

    thank you!

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    1. X
        2023-11-02 00:28:23.840Z

        Also sorry if i have missed it else where, what is the return policy? Thank you!

        1. In reply toxtnkt:
          David @david2023-11-02 09:34:44.293Z

          Hi @xtnkt, I'm sorry you're experiencing these latency and keyboard shortcut issues.

          Keyboard shortcuts are a little awkward. Your client machine's OS will typically interpret and execute any keyboard shortcuts, meaning those keystokes never get interpreted by your TinyPilot (and therefore your target machine).

          There are some workarounds, but none of them are ideal if you frequently use keyboard shortcuts for productivity tasks. There's a workaround for browser hotkeys where you can run in Chrome's "App Mode". This might be the best option if the design software you use is web-based. The next workaround is to use TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard for keyboard shortcuts. And the final option is to re-map the keyboard shortcuts you want to use. Although I appreciate that that's an inconvenient and awkward hack if you have shortcut muscle memory.

          For latency, are you running in H.264 mode? H.264 uses much less bandwidth than MJPEG, so I'd recommend switching over using your TinyPilot's video settings and then tuning the bandwidth from there. Can I also ask whether you're using an Ethernet connection here?

          We list our refunds/exchange policy on the TinyPilot Voyager 2a product page.

          1. X
            In reply toxtnkt:
              2023-11-02 13:36:40.878Z

              Thank you for expedient response. Pardon but could you expand on remapping ? do you mean remapping hot keys to mouse instead ? There are too many.

              1. David @david2023-11-03 13:03:46.705Z

                Some operating systems allow you to customize global keyboard shortcuts under keyboard settings. And I know many pieces of software that heavily rely on their own keyboard shortcuts allow you to customize them to fit your workflow. For example, you could change ctrl + t to ctrl + g. So I thought it may be possible to edit the keyboard shortcuts in such a way that you'd be able to use the shortcuts you need with your TinyPilot.

                It sounds like keyboard shortcuts are essential to your workflow, so customizing shortcuts just for use with TinyPilot may not be a great option.

                I hope that was helpful! Please feel free to reach out again in future if you have any other questions.

              2. X
                In reply toxtnkt:
                  2023-11-02 13:38:27.937Z

                  Also looked at the return policy - there is none except if parts are defective ?