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Help Upgrading to Pro

By Roth Kuch @SRothK
    2023-11-06 18:50:12.645Z2023-11-06 21:49:23.825Z

    Hello, I am building a TinyPilot and would like to upgrade to Pro. I have installed the free diy version but wanted it to be secure. Please help troubleshoot manually upgrading, as after executing the curl command, the upgrade process fails. I have tried downloading the hobbyist image, that that doesn't work either. I am using and RPi 4 Model B 8GB.

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    1. David @david2023-11-07 16:54:23.952Z

      Hi @SRothK, I'm sorry you're experiencing this upgrade error.

      In this instance, I think re-flashing your SD card with TinyPilot Pro Hobbyist is the simplest way to upgrade if the curl command fails.

      Can you explain in a little more detail what the issue is when you try to flash your SD card using the Hobbyist .img?

      1. SRoth Kuch @SRothK
          2023-11-07 21:35:11.426Z

          Thanks David. I was able to flash with the img for the lite legacy install of Bullseye RPi-OS and ran the curl command. Works.

          1. David @david2023-11-08 12:00:23.308Z

            Thanks for the update @SRothK! I'm glad you're up and running on TinyPilot Pro.

            Feel free to reach out again if you have any questions!