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Tinypilot's cursor disappears on full screen mode

By @tinypiloter
    2023-11-11 09:47:06.405Zassigned to
    • @david


    So I have been using tinypilot pro version for a while now and everything has been working well till today. Today tinypilot's cursor doesn't work anymore on full screen mode and I have been left with original computer's mouse cursor which is laggy. There is no problem with a cursor when it's not in full screen mode. I have tried changing cursor to different one (crosshair, dot, etc.) but it didn't help. Also updated tinypilot to a newest version and reseting computer - both didn't help.

    What could be a solution? Maybe somebody else started experiencing this kind of an issue as well?

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    1. David @david2023-11-13 12:34:46.434Z

      Hi @tinypiloter, I'm sorry you're running into this cursor issue.

      I haven't seen anyone else with this issue before!

      Just to confirm I'm understanding correctly - in full screen mode (not dedicated window mode), you can't see your client machine's mouse cursor. But you can see your target machine's mouse cursor. Changing your TinyPilot's cursor doesn't help and everything works fine when not in full screen mode.

      Can I ask which web browser you're using to access your TinyPilot's web interface?