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Tiny pilot timing out and failing to connect https:/tinypilot and SSH (works on tinypilot.local)

By Travis Omasta @Rianer
    2023-11-12 17:12:33.470Zassigned to
    • @david


    I have had on/off issues with my tinypilot, most recently addresed here: Restarted Tiny Pilot - status light amber and cannot connect

    Currently I am unable to connect to my tinypilot through 2/3 of the links, with https://tinypilot and https://tinypilot.localdomain not working but tinypilot.local works.

    I followed the previous instructions provided by Charles, with the following results:

    I reinstalled using the following command:

    if [[ -f /opt/tinypilot-updater/install ]]; then
    (sudo apt remove -y tinypilot || true) &&
    cd /opt/tinypilot-updater &&
    sudo ./install

    And that did not remedy the problem. Here are the diagnostics I ran after install

    I have no reinstalled tailscale, but curious if the last of logging into https://tinypilot is representative of a core problem.


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    1. David @david2023-11-14 13:18:31.263Z

      Hi Travis, I'm sorry you're experiencing issues accessing your TinyPilot's web interface.

      From your description, it sounds like your TinyPilot is working. It's just that you can only access the web interface and start an SSH session using https://tinypilot.local.

      I believe this behavior is normal and it's unlikely there's an issue with your TinyPilot. Accessing the TinyPilot web interface using a hostname (i.e., tinypilot) relies on your network's DNS (domain name server) to direct your browser to your TinyPilot's web interface. Your DNS is usually handled by your network router, but there can be other factors here too.

      Unless there's a specific reason why you need to use https://tinypilot or https://tinypilot.localdomain, I don't think you need to anything here. If you do want to use either of those URLs, you may need to look at your router's DNS settings / configuration.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.