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No mouse control on REOLINK NVR

By David @david2023-11-15 12:23:26.418Zassigned to
  • @david

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  1. J
    Jan Pfotenhauer @jannek
      2023-11-14 11:13:42.056Z

      Hello, I have the same problem. I have an NVR from REOLINK and would like to operate it remotely. Unfortunately, no mouse support can be provided. The mouse buttons work without problems, but this doesn't work with movement. Can you give me a tip??

      1. In reply todavid:
        David @david2023-11-15 12:30:53.095Z

        Hi @jannek, I'm sorry you are having mouse control issues with your TinyPilot connected to an NVR.

        Unfortunately, other users have had mouse issues with their REOLINK NVR, so I believe this is likely a compatibility issue. But I'm happy to take a look to see if there's anything else that could be causing this issue.

        Do you have a link you could share to the manual or the product information of your NVR?

        Could you share a log from your TinyPilot? On your TinyPilot web interface, go to System > Logs and click Get Shareable URL. Then paste the link in your reply.

        1. J
          In reply todavid:
          Jan Pfotenhauer @jannek
            2023-11-15 17:55:19.347Z

            Hello, here is my log file.

            I know that you can't use every mouse. I know, for example, that the NVR works with the Logitech Model M310 wireless mouse. Is there a way to emulate the mouse differently?

            1. David @david2023-11-16 12:36:05.909Z

              Thanks for that log, @jannek. There's nothing in the log that suggests there's any issues with mouse input. So that makes it more likely that this is a compatibility issue.

              Can you tell me the model of your NVR, so I can its specifications?

              We have an open Github issue to look into adding a relative mouse mode to TinyPilot. It's possible that relative mouse mode would help, but it depends on how your NVR handles mouse input. Relative mouse mode isn't part of our short-term roadmap yet, but we're always working to improve TinyPilot's software and hardware. We prioritize features based on user demand, so we’ll definitely consider your feedback in our planning.

            2. J
              In reply todavid:
              Jan Pfotenhauer @jannek
                2023-11-16 12:45:54.246Z

                Since I am a Reolink dealer, I can offer a test with all devices. I'm currently using an NVR RLN8-410 for my test. I would like to offer your system as an option in my shop for remote access to the logs because I keep getting questions.

                1. David @david2023-11-17 13:22:23.422Z

                  Thanks for sharing the product details!

                  I took a look at the product information on the reolink website.

                  It looks like the model you're testing with has 2 different USB ports. Can you try testing your TinyPilot with each of the USB ports? Does the mouse have the same behavior with each?

                  I'll admit I don't know too much about these NVR devices. Do these NVR devices only use mouse input? i.e., you don't connect a keyboard? If they only use a mouse, we might be able to disable the TinyPilot keyboard and see if that helps with controlling the NVR.

                  1. JJan Pfotenhauer @jannek
                      2023-11-23 09:43:21.089Z

                      Hello, I could connect a PI to a PVR for testing and release it with all rights so that you can see what the problem is. If it would help you.

                      1. David @david2023-11-23 12:26:29.859Z

                        Thanks for offering to set up a machine for us to test, @jannek!

                        Unfortunately, since we're a small team, we don't have the resources to do any individual testing with specific setups. But I'm happy to continue working with you to try and understand the behavior you're seeing.

                        Have you tried connecting your TinyPilot device to each of the USB ports on the NVR? Is the behavior the same with each port?

                        1. JJan Pfotenhauer @jannek
                            2023-11-23 13:00:59.754Z

                            Yes, it's the same on every USB port. It doesn't work either. Every wireless mouse on an NVR. I think it has something to do with the mouse driver, which the reolink NVR underestimates or simply doesn't support

                            1. David @david2023-11-24 12:21:23.139Z

                              Thanks for confirming that, @jannek. This definitely sounds like a compatibility issue with how the NVR interprets mouse input from TinyPilot. But I have a couple of questions, just to be sure I've checked everything.

                              Does the resolution from the NVR match what you're expecting? i.e., there are no black bars on the edges of the display area and the NVR's interface is aligned correctly.

                              Can you see the NVR's cursor? I understand you said you don't have any movement, but I'm wondering whether you have movement, but can't see it (in the case where you have no cursor).