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Mobile keyboard support

By Andrés Ibarra @Riftsan
    2024-01-08 17:02:51.219Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I've been using a tiny for about a year and I think it's an amazing product. It has saved me a lot of time but one thing that really slows me down is using the keyboard of the tiny pilot instead of using the mobile native keyboard. Is it posible to use our native mobile key card instead of opening the tiny pilot software keyboard to interact with the remote machine?


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    1. C

      Hi Andrés, thanks for your message about using the built-in keyboard on your mobile device rather than the TinyPilot keyboard.

      I've tested this on an Apple iPad, and I can confirm that a keyboard connected over Bluetooth works with TinyPilot. However, as iOS and iPadOS will only display the on-screen keyboard when a text field is selected, there is no way to use the built-in on-screen keyboard with TinyPilot. I suspect Android-based devices have a similar limitation.

      I'm sorry this isn't the answer you were hoping for. Is there anything specific about the TinyPilot on-screen keyboard causing you problems that we could improve?