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Trying to update but getting a disk full message

By John Sikora @johnsikora
    2024-01-09 02:47:31.788Zassigned to
    • @david

    Trying to update from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 and getting the disk full message. Here is the df output

    If it is because the USB stick is only 4GB can I just copy the contents to a larger stick or do I have to use the utility to recreate the files? The documentation that I saw said 3GB or larger.

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    1. David @david2024-01-09 12:44:11.273Z

      Hi @johnsikora, I'm sorry you're running into this 'disk full' issue when trying to update.

      can I just copy the contents to a larger stick or do I have to use the utility to recreate the files?

      Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as copying the contents of one drive to a larger-capacity drive - you'll have to use a tool to clone the drive or flash a new image to the larger drive instead.

      If you want to clone the drive, Balena Etcher has a cloning feature. You connect both drives to your computer, select the source drive and the target drive (your new drive), and then flash. That should allow you to easily switch to the larger drive.

      Alternatively, if you've used TinyPilot's virtual media feature, you might be able to free-up some space by deleting some of the files. On your TinyPilot's web interface, go to System > Virtual Media. If you have any image files, click the Actions drop down box and click Delete.

      Our "Boot TinyPilot from a USB drive" blog post recommends a 4GB or larger USB drive for flashing and running the TinyPilot image. 4GB is really the minimum here for essential functionality. That's one reason we ship Voyager devices with 32GB micro SD cards.

      Can I ask if there's a reason you're using a USB drive to boot over an SD card? It's not a problem, I'm just curious if there's anything that caused you to switch.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

      1. JJohn Sikora @johnsikora
          2024-01-09 15:28:56.472Z

          Thanks for the quick reply. There are no virtual image files. I figured that the USB stick was too small. As to why, I probably should make something up, but the simple truth is that I created the USB drive at home and had the SD card with me. When I left to go to the remote site (3000 miles away), I left the SD card at home. Stupid pure and simple. Now, I have to drive 50 miles to the nearest store to get a bigger USB stick since I don't have a card or reader here. Thanks again for the great product. I can flash the image to the bigger drive once I get it. That's not a problem.

          1. David @david2024-01-10 12:16:13.466Z

            You're welcome! Thanks for the update.

            Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!