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Voyager dead (even to pings) after upgrade attempt

By @adbarads
    2024-01-11 21:41:02.012Zassigned to
    • @david

    Hi Support,

    I have an exact same problem as another member in the forum that asked for help. But since the resolution was resolved off this site. I will need to re-ask for help:

    I tried to upgrade my Voyager but now it's dead and doesn't even respond to pings. I'm happy to try and reflash the sdcard but it prompts me for my original purchase details since I think I might need a new subscription.

    Is there a location where I can just re-download the original version I purchased, or the last version that I was entitled to after my original purchase? Alternately, is there a "my voyager is dead and not responding to pings" debugging cheat sheet? I did try searching but nothing obvious jumped out at me.

    I get and appreciate the logic behind charging for updates to the software but I'm hesitant to pay for an updated subscription and download if my hardware is essentially dead.


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    1. David @david2024-01-12 12:12:30.531Z

      Hi @adbarads, I'm sorry you're running into this issue after trying to update.

      Like the other issue you referenced, this is likely a case of filesystem corruption on your SD card. I've reached out to our customer support team to help you download the latest TinyPilot Pro image your qualify for as a one-time courtesy.

      Once you have your image, can you try re-flashing your micro SD card?

      If your TinyPilot Pro license has expired, you're welcome to renew your license to gain access to TinyPilot's latest features and bug fixes and priority support.

      As a small company, we rely on license renewals to fund improvements to TinyPilot’s software, so thank you in advance if you choose to renew!

      Please let me know if you have any questions!