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Detecting Tinypilot KVM

By a7673 @a7673
    2024-01-12 03:32:12.687Z2024-01-14 00:26:58.242Zassigned to
    • @cghague


    I am looking for softwares that can detect/scans the ports of the computer if a TinyPilot device is connected?


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      Hi a7673, thanks for your question about detecting a TinyPilot device.

      The TinyPilot team is not aware of any IT tools that specifically detect TinyPilot or flag the device as a threat. That said, TinyPilot is designed to control systems that you own or have permission to access. TinyPilot does not attempt to evade detection from software that searches for remote administration tools.

      I'd recommend reading our "Can anyone detect when I'm using TinyPilot?" article, as it covers this topic in-depth and will hopefully answer any questions you may have.