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Supported USB image format

By Jack Hamilton @jacklh9
    2024-01-19 20:54:54.724Z2024-01-19 21:46:24.291Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I have a use case where I may be given a bootable USB stick to do an OS test build. My TinyPilot is at a remote location, so I cannot plug the USB directly into target host nor TinyPilot rear USB ports, but can instead VPN to the site, get on Tiny Pilot web GUI and mount an image of the USB to Tiny Pilot, which I believe it supports, similar to my success mounting ISO images. My issue is what format do I need the USB image created as? Rufus only gives me an option to create a VHDX format. Linux has "dd" so I can just save directly to file. What does Tiny Pilot prefer/support?

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      In reply tojacklh9:

      Hi Jack, thanks for your question about disk image formats!

      TinyPilot supports the following disk image formats:

      • ISO images in CD-ROM mode.
      • Raw images in USB mode.

      Unfortunately, TinyPilot can't directly use a VHDX virtual machine disk image. You'd need to use a third-party utility, such as qemu-img, to convert from VHDX to RAW.