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Keyboard and Mouse input getting disconnected when tinypilot reboots

By Ruben Quintero @Ruben
    2024-02-16 14:57:40.160Zassigned to
    • @david

    When I reboot the tinypilot the keyboard and mouse stop working. Video still works so I can see that the USB device not recognized notification pop up on the remote computer. If I go to the remote computer and disconnect the usb cable and plug it back in it works again. Any possible solution to this issue? The remote computer has windows 7.

    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. David @david2024-02-16 19:07:28.920Z

      Hi @Ruben, I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues with TinyPilot's mouse and keyboard after it reboots.

      Could you tell me more about your target machine? Is it a laptop or a desktop? Does this issue occur when you try other USB ports on your target machine?

      Could also you share a TinyPilot log with me to review? On your TinyPilot web interface, go to System > Logs and click Get Shareable URL. Then paste the link in your reply.

      1. R
        In reply toRuben:
        Ruben Quintero @Ruben
          2024-02-16 20:15:47.302Z

          It is a desktop computer. I will check changing it to other usb ports. Se the log below

          1. David @david2024-02-19 12:29:11.114Z

            Thanks for the info and for sharing those logs!

            Your logs show that your TinyPilot is attempting to send mouse input to your target machine, but it fails. The logs don't show anything else, so that's a good sign that your TinyPilot is probably working as expected.

            If trying a different USB port on your target machine doesn't work, it may be worth testing with a different USB cable too, just in case. However, based on your description of how this only issue only occurs after rebooting your TinyPilot, it feels like this could be an issue with how your target machine is handling USB connections.

            In your Windows control panel, do you see TinyPilot as one of the USB devices? You should see your TinyPilot under "Control Panel" > "Device Manager" > "Universal Serial Bus controllers". Could you open the device properties and check the "Device status" to see if there's an error message there?

          2. R
            In reply toRuben:
            Ruben Quintero @Ruben
              2024-02-21 19:00:38.761Z

              I found that the computer had power saver settings enabled, causing the USB ports and display to shut off after a timeout. I disable those settings and now the Tinypilot has been working steadily for 2 days. I'll continue monitoring.

              1. David @david2024-02-22 11:56:57.937Z

                Thanks for the update, @Ruben! I'm glad your setup now seems to work after modifying your target machine's power save settings.

                Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.