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Which TinyPilot do I have?

By @RDGInfoSys
    2024-02-17 06:14:11.941Zassigned to
    • @david

    I bought a TinyPilot "all in one" in 2020, but the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into the plans and I'm just now restarting the project it was going to be used for. Is there an easy way to determine which model it is?

    It's a 3D printed case, w/ a fan and an HDMI video capture hat. The HDMI port is at the top center of the side with the USB & ethernet ports. I don't remember which hat is in there, which model Pi4 it's built-on, etc

    Solved in post #3, click to view
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    1. R
        2024-02-17 19:14:53.707Z

        OK. I just took it apart. It has the GeekWork C779 HDMI->Pi Camera digitizer board.

        I'm not sure what era TinyPilot that is.

        1. In reply toRDGInfoSys:
          David @david2024-02-19 12:47:19.820Z

          Hi @RDGInfoSys, thanks for your question!

          It sounds like your device is in an early TinyPilot (thanks for supporting us for so long!), your board will be a Raspberry Pi 4B. If you need to figure out how much RAM your device has available, you'll need to SSH into your device and run a command like free -h.

          Based on your timeline, you may have the original TinyPilot Voyager, which has a 3D printed case, the HDMI input on the USB/Ethernet side, and the USB-C ports on the side.

          Here's a photo I was able to find of the original Voyager:

          I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

          1. R@RDGInfoSys
              2024-02-21 01:00:17.804Z

              Yup. That's it. the guts are a 2GB 4B

              • Ray