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Refreshing a 2020 TinyPilot "All in One"

By @RDGInfoSys
    2024-02-17 19:28:46.720Zassigned to
    • @david

    I have an old 2020 Era, RPi4 w/ 2GB RAM, TinyPilot "All in One" with a GeekWorm C779 HDMI->RPI Camera board, running Buster.

    If I wanted to "refresh" it, could I just replace the SD card with a new BookWorm-based RPiOS and install the latest TinyPilot code off GitHub? Does Wayland and/or PipeWire cause problems with the HDMI/Camera input?

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. David @david2024-02-19 13:01:10.724Z

      Hi @RDGInfoSys, thanks for your question.

      This is partially related to your other threads, but it's worth answering standalone in case anyone else needs the info.

      Your TinyPilot should be capable to run the latest TinyPilot releases (whether that's Community or Pro).

      The TinyPilot software doesn't yet support Bookworm (which is related to your other thread). If you plan on installing the Community version of TinyPilot using the instructions on GitHub, you'll need to re-flash your SD card with "Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy, 32-bit) Lite", which is currently based on Bullseye. If you use the Raspberry Pi Imager, the image is located in the Raspberry Pi OS (other) menu.

      From there, you just need to follow the installation instructions on GitHub.

      Alternatively, you can renew your TinyPilot Pro license to download the TinyPilot Pro image and flash that directly onto your SD card. The license gives you access to TinyPilot's latest features and bugfixes and priority support. As a small company, we rely on license renewals to fund improvements to TinyPilot’s software, so thank you in advance if you choose to renew!

      I hope that helps!

      1. R
        In reply toRDGInfoSys:
          2024-02-19 17:30:08.275Z


          I found an unused USB3 Flash drive last night, so I did try starting from scratch with a fresh Bullseye image and all updates. Unfortunately, the unmet dependencies for Python remain. Could that be due to a dependency on the software being installed on the SD card?

          I wasn’t aware of the license change. I’ll have to look into that. Do you know of any issues moving that image to an external USB? I try not to run any of the RPis I have off the SD card.

          1. David @david2024-02-20 11:46:59.812Z

            Unfortunately, the unmet dependencies for Python remain. Could that be due to a dependency on the software being installed on the SD card?

            That's odd. If it's a completely fresh install of Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy, 32-bit) Lite (Bullseye), there shouldn't be any issues. Can you share the error you're receiving?

            There are no issues using a USB instead of an SD card! We have a blog post detailing booting from a USB, but if you already boot from USB on your Pi's you're probably familiar anyway.

            1. R@RDGInfoSys
                2024-02-21 00:57:32.512Z
                • I missed the "32-bit" part. I was using a tiny flash drive that had 64-bit Bullseye Lite on it. I just reflashed it with "Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy, 32-bit) Lite (Bullseye)" and everything built fine.
                • Regarding the dependency errors with the previous build attempt, the errors that I did get were the same that were reported with 64-bit Bookworm. It seems like "64-bit" is the common denominator with the Python dependencies.:
                 tinypilot:armhf : Depends: python3:armhf but it is not going to be installed
                                   Depends: python3-pip:armhf but it is not installable
                                   Depends: python3-venv:armhf but it is not going to be installed
                • A basic test works. Now it's time to set-up the cabling and test for real.:

                Thanks again!

                • Ray
                1. David @david2024-02-21 12:07:18.438Z

                  TinyPilot currently only supports the 32-bit OS at the moment, so that explains the dependency errors you saw.

                  I'm glad you're back up and running!

                  Please let me know if you have any questions.