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USB C Adapter Macbook Audio problem

By Tayyab Baloch @Tayyab146
    2024-02-21 20:07:05.896Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I'm using USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook to connect tinypilot to MacBook. Everything works so smoothly but I'm unable to hear the sound in H264 mode. I tried many ways but can't do that.

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. C

      Hi Tayyab, thanks for your message. I'm sorry you're having audio issues.

      Only compatible TinyPilot Voyager 2a devices running at least TinyPilot Pro 2.5.3 support audio. As a starting point for the investigation, could you please let me know when you purchased your TinyPilot device and send me a link to your logs by going to System, then Logs, then Get Shareable URL?

      1. T
        In reply toTayyab146:
        Tayyab Baloch @Tayyab146
          2024-02-23 14:43:14.011Z

          Purchase date: July 2022
          License Renewed 31 Aug 2023
          Version 2.6.2
          Logs Link: (Logs are sent when pilot is not connected to target device)

          1. C
            In reply toTayyab146:

            Hi Tayyab, thanks for getting back to me!

            The first TinyPilot device to support audio was the TinyPilot Voyager 2a, which was released in February 2023. Unfortunately, the earlier models don't have the necessary hardware for audio support, so you won't be able to use your TinyPilot device to hear sound from the target computer.

            I appreciate that this isn't the answer you were hoping for, so if you'd like, I can ask our customer support team to reach out to you to discuss the options for upgrading your TinyPilot device to a newer model. Please let me know if an upgrade is something you'd be interested in!

            1. TTayyab Baloch @Tayyab146
                2024-02-26 20:30:00.614Z

                Ahh ok. I opened the support request on behalf of my client. Will Let them know to contact the customer and have it replaced. Are there any replacement charges or can customer support share more details?

                1. Thanks for getting back to me! Our customer support team will be able to advise on the best options and their associated costs. I'd recommend asking whoever purchased the TinyPilot device to contact the customer support team by e-mail to discuss the next steps.

              • T
                In reply toTayyab146:
                Tayyab Baloch @Tayyab146
                  2024-03-04 12:57:01.875Z2024-03-04 13:16:05.838Z

                  Can you help ask the CS team to reach my client at [private information removed].

                  1. David @david2024-03-04 13:19:11.689Z

                    Hi @Tayyab146, could you share a little more detail about this?

                    Has your client already reached out to customer support via email? If so, they should hear back within our typical response time.

                    Note: I removed the email address from your post.

                    1. TTayyab Baloch @Tayyab146
                        2024-03-05 10:04:44.216Z

                        What's the best way to replace the old tiny pilot with Voyager 2a?

                        1. David @david2024-03-05 12:07:28.997Z

                          What's the best way to replace the old tiny pilot with Voyager 2a?

                          Assuming you're in the USA, we're happy to arrange a trade-in of an older TinyPilot model for credit towards a new TinyPilot Voyager 2a. I've reached out to our customer support team to help with this.

                          I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

                    2. T
                      In reply toTayyab146:
                      Tayyab Baloch @Tayyab146
                        2024-03-05 12:08:54.823Z

                        Sure Thanks. Let me know if more details are required.