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Video streaming issue

By @Vihaun
    2024-02-23 01:05:16.186Zassigned to
    • @david

    Suddenly I am getting MJpeg from today onwards

    Here is the logs

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    1. David @david2024-02-26 12:11:53.457Z

      Hi @Vihaun, I'm sorry you're running into this issue with H.264 streaming.

      Thanks for sharing those logs! Your logs confirm that your settings call for an H.264 stream, but you're instead receiving an MJPEG stream.

      Could you tell me whether you are accessing your TinyPilot over the internet (using Tailscale or similar)?

      Can you also tell me whether you've noticed any other issues or installed any other software on your TinyPilot?

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      1. V
        In reply toVihaun:
          2024-02-26 13:37:35.086Z2024-02-26 13:45:52.452Z
          1. Yes i am using tailscale .. but even without tailscale direct connection also facing same issue.

          2. Yes I tried to install usbip. but in target machine few things didnt work out then i reverted the installation in tinypilot.

          So i am not sure whether the packages are fully removed or not

          After few minutes i cant access the target machine in 5-10 mins frequency

          I am about to reload often

          1. David @david2024-02-26 15:46:36.243Z

            Thanks for those details, @Vihaun!

            It seems unlikely that installing/uninstalling usbip affected anything here, but I'll keep it in mind.

            After few minutes i cant access the target machine in 5-10 mins frequency

            Could you explain a little more about what exacly happens in this situation where you can't access your target machine? Do you see a "No Signal" screen for example?

            An easy thing to try is to set a STUN server in the TinyPilot web interface to try and stream H.264 again. Could you try setting a STUN server and see if that helps here?

          2. V
            In reply toVihaun:
              2024-02-26 17:07:31.866Z2024-02-26 18:27:54.700Z

              Okay I will try to explain..

              When I am accessing my target machine within few mins I am getting this error. Mouse cursor is showing this block symbol

              At that time i cant even access anything .. example videos settings

              So i am suppose to refresh the page... 5 mins once i am refreshing my page like this

              1. David @david2024-02-27 11:37:56.148Z

                Thanks for your update with those details, @Vihaun.

                I haven't seen symptoms where you lose a connection and have to refresh before.

                Your second screenshot showing your TinyPilot failed to load video settings might suggest the problem is filesystem corruption. Filesystem corruption can present itself with many different symptoms and behaviors.

                Could you try performing a factory reset? A factory reset wipes any data and settings changes you've made to your TinyPilot, so you'll have to reinstall Tailscale, unfortunately. But it should put your TinyPilot back into a working state.

                Please let me know if you have any questions!

              2. V
                In reply toVihaun:
                  2024-02-27 23:17:40.429Z2024-02-28 03:05:42.463Z

                  (Optional) Purge old SSH records

                  Why it is optional ?

                  And kindly provide me the entire Step by step process for purging the information because i enabled SSH connection for tailscale

                  Where i should run this command in computer ? In command prompt ?
                  ssh-keygen -R tinypilot
                  ssh-keygen -R tinypilot.local
                  ssh-keygen -R tinypilot.localdomain

                  So Inorder this confusion Step by step process for purging will help me to factory reset as per this page

                  1. David @david2024-02-28 12:28:17.926Z

                    Why it is optional ?

                    Purging old SSH records is optional because not all users will need to purge them. If you used SSH to access your TinyPilot in the past, you will probably need to purge the SSH records to avoid the REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! warning.

                    To purge the old SSH records, open command prompt (if you use a Windows machine), paste the command snippet into the command prompt window, and hit Enter:

                    ssh-keygen -R tinypilot
                    ssh-keygen -R tinypilot.local
                    ssh-keygen -R tinypilot.localdomain

                    I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

                  2. V
                    In reply toVihaun:
                      2024-02-28 13:54:22.213Z

                      Can I paste all three commands in one shot ? or I should do one after the other ?

                      1. David @david2024-02-28 15:01:27.891Z

                        Yes - for all of our code snippets, you can copy/paste them all at once.

                      2. V
                        In reply toVihaun:
                          2024-03-01 22:45:00.279Z
                          1. will Turn off SSH access in tinypilot web portal

                          2. Will turn off the Tinypilot device

                          3. I will paste this command in Command prompt
                            ssh-keygen -R tinypilot
                            ssh-keygen -R tinypilot.local
                            ssh-keygen -R tinypilot.localdomain

                          4. Will follow this page

                          5. I will get New Ip for tinypilot using that i can install tailscale again for remote setup

                          Correct my process if anything is wrong

                          1. David @david2024-03-04 12:02:24.097Z

                            The order you run the snippet doesn't really matter, as long as you do it before trying to establish a new SSH connection with your TinyPilot after the factory reset. You also don't need to turn off SSH access on the web interface.

                            Here's the order I'd perform the steps:

                            1. Power off your TinyPilot.
                            2. Follow the factory reset guide.
                            3. Paste and run the snippet on your Windows machine's command prompt.
                            4. Set up your TinyPilot to use Tailscale.

                            I hope that helps.