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Unable to access TinyPilot after reset

By @KiMcHi04
    2024-03-14 21:01:51.425Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I'm on my third TinyPilot (NEW Voyager 2a) and have encountered this issue on two of them. I'd like to restart the TinyPilot remotely every day (ish) when the connection feels sluggish. Unfortunately, this routinely prevents me from connecting to the TinyPilot after it restarts. I need to complete a hard restart at the host location of the devices. While this seems to solve the issue (but voids the feature of remote restart) the first TinyPilot devices no longer connects (even with hard restart). And the second one is starting down the same path (am on pins and needles for the third).

    I stream from the device for numerous hours so I'm wondering if it overheats which causes these issues. Could you assist? Here's log of latest failed restart:

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    1. K
        2024-03-15 02:59:46.126Z
        1. K
          In reply toKiMcHi04:
            2024-03-15 20:36:56.332Z

            Also, starting to shut off randomly:

            1. Hi @KiMcHi04, thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with reliability.

              I understand that you're rebooting your TinyPilot device because the video becomes sluggish after a while. Rebooting your TinyPilot device adds significant wear to the microSD card and increases the risk of filesystem corruption. We should, therefore, investigate the video issue first so you don't need to reboot as often.

              I've reviewed your logs and can see that your TinyPilot device is operating at a reasonable temperature. You should be able to stream video indefinitely, so we'll need to investigate further to isolate the cause. Potential causes include third-party software, a corrupted filesystem, or network congestion.

              I can see from the logs that you have Tailscale installed, which I'm assuming you use to access your TinyPilot device remotely. As a starting point, can you let me know if the same problem happens when you stream over the local network without using Tailscale?

              1. K@KiMcHi04
                  2024-03-19 14:59:08.617Z

                  Yes, same issue persist on local. I went ahead and flash the card and set it to read only. I’ll follow up if issues comes back. Thank you!

                  1. Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know you've performed a factory reset. I'm optimistic that this will fix the issue, but please let me know if it happens again or if you have any questions.