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Mouse/Cursor delay

By @KiMcHi04
    2024-03-16 20:37:09.797Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I utilize tailscale to remote from my Home to Host tiny pilot device. At Home, I have both my desktop and macbook on the same network and both are on tailscale along with the tinypilot device. I have no issues on my desktop, however when I connect with my macbook, there's 5-10 second delay in my cursor. I've tested my desktop on Home wifi (vs hard wired) and the delay is still only 1 second compared to 5-10 sec delay on macbook. Furthermore, attempted to adjust video quality and turn on STUN server but all without any success. What could be causing such cursor delay on the macbook?

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    1. C

      Hi @KiMcHi04, thanks for your message. I'm sorry you're having issues with lag when using TinyPilot on your laptop.

      There are many potential reasons why video might lag on one device and not another, so we'll need to investigate this further. Can you please provide me with two links to your debug logs, the first from your desktop and the second from your laptop? You can do this by going to System, then Logs, then Get Shareable URL.

      1. K@KiMcHi04
          2024-03-20 04:03:41.693Z
          1. Thanks for sharing those links. I've reviewed the logs, and everything seems normal, so it's likely that the issue is external to your TinyPilot device. Would it be possible for you to temporarily try connecting from a third device, such as another laptop, as that would help to determine if the issue is with the existing laptop?

            1. K@KiMcHi04
                2024-03-20 21:34:09.173Z

                It was an issue of Safari vs Chrome. Delays seems to be associated with Safari as using Chrome rid of the delay. Lastly, I am able to "tap" to click on items on my macbook's trackpad. However, this "tap" doesn't seem to work in the web interface. Is this a known issue and there's a solution?

                1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

                  I'm pleased the delay isn't present when you access your TinyPilot device using Chrome. However, TinyPilot should work well in Safari, so it could be worth checking if any browser extensions or plugins are installed in Safari, as they could be the reason for reduced performance.

                  We're unaware of any issues preventing tap-to-click from working, as TinyPilot receives mouse input from your browser and only knows whether you left-clicked, right-clicked, or release-clicked. It's more likely that the issue is with the remote machine. Can you confirm if you can use TinyPilot to move the mouse on the remote machine?