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Random Shut off

By @KiMcHi04
    2024-03-19 03:16:49.617Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    Is there anything in this log that would indicate root cause of device going offline? Needs hard restart to resume operation. Thanks!

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    1. C

      Hi @KiMcHi04, thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear that your TinyPilot device is offline.

      I've reviewed the logs you provided, and the device is running at a reasonable temperature, receiving enough power, and its configuration looks correct. I can see that the video service failed to start a few times, but there is no apparent reason why.

      Can you please confirm how your TinyPilot behaves when it is offline? For example, does only the video stream fail, can you still load the web interface, and does SSH still work?

      1. K@KiMcHi04
          2024-03-20 04:04:59.131Z

          The video stream fails and unable to load the web interface. Next time it fails, I will attempt SSH and follow back.

          1. In reply tocghague:
              2024-03-21 05:42:38.887Z

              SSH also fails

              1. Thanks for confirming. Your TinyPilot device might be shutting down entirely or losing its network connection, but it's difficult to determine this without physical access. The next time the issue happens, can you check the four lights on your TinyPilot device and confirm what they show? For reference, there is a red power light, a green activity light, and two lights on the network socket.

                1. K@KiMcHi04
                    2024-03-27 04:48:53.349Z

                    Could you review this log? Again, tinypilot shut off randomly and unsure why. Lights were all on the device from what I could tell.

                    1. Thanks for getting back to me! I'm sorry the issue is still happening.

                      The lights being on suggests the issue is that your TinyPilot device is losing its network connection. The next time the problem happens, can you please log in to your router, locate the page that shows connected devices, and check if there is an entry for your TinyPilot device listed?