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NordVPN MeshNet issue with v2.6.3 Pro

By Roshan Poduval @rpoduval
    2024-03-30 16:29:29.484Zassigned to
    • @david

    I am getting an error when I try to connect to meshnet using nordvpn with v2.6.3 pro, but on v2.6.2 it works fine.
    Can this issue be resolved in a future update, and/or can we be allowed to download previous versions of the image?
    Apologies if this is already possible and I simply couldn't find it.

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    1. R
      Roshan Poduval @rpoduval
        2024-03-30 18:46:27.930Z

        I was given a link by support to download v2.6.2.
        That worked perfectly.

        1. In reply torpoduval:
          David @david2024-04-02 11:06:56.477Z

          Hi @rpoduval, I'm sorry you ran into this issue connecting to your TinyPilot on 2.6.3 with MeshNet.

          It sounds like you're already up and running using 2.6.2.

          I'm unsure what the underlying issue is with MeshNet and 2.6.3 - do you have any additional details you could share so we can look into this?