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Voyager Display Audio/3.5mm port

By @aldohr
    2021-10-15 19:05:50.009Z

    I know that TinyPilot does not stream audio to the browser. However I noticed it creates a display audio output (presumably the HDMI port?) and there is also a 3.5mm jack on the device. Do these do anything at this time?

    It would be perfect if I could redirect the display audio to the 3.5mm jack.

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    1. A
        2021-10-19 11:36:14.167Z

        I guess I asked the wrong question.

        1. In reply toaldohr:

          Sorry for the delay here.

          No, unfortunately, TinyPilot doesn't support audio streaming in either direction.

          We're considering it for the future, though. Can you tell me more about what you'd like it to do? Do you want to stream audio from the target computer back to your browser? Or stream a mic from your browser to a mic on the target computer?

          1. Ksrinivas chidipothu @krishna
              2021-11-17 17:31:13.382Z

              I think yes, it would be perfect if there is an audio stream from the target computer back to the browser
              (Priority) + stream a mic from your browser to a mic on the target compute

              1. In reply tomichael:
                  2021-11-23 19:08:31.412Z

                  I would also like to be able to stream audio from the target back to the browser. You could make it a "pro" feature and I'd pay for it ;)

                  1. In reply tomichael:
                    JGuy Smith @JerseyDevil
                      2022-02-08 17:34:56.008Z

                      That is exactly what I would like to do - send audio back to the browser and mic down to the target computer. Would enable use of Skype, Teams, and such. Software solutions like Splashtop can do this, would be cool if your solution could too.

                      1. M@mikeff
                          2022-02-14 20:15:41.378Z

                          +1 for this ... audio out from the server computer to the browser and microphone input from the client browser to the source computer. All in the browser is great, but if it needs an app on the "client" computer/device to do audio portion then that would be fine in my case. I would pay a premium for this feature.

                      2. A
                        In reply toaldohr:
                        AKE @ake
                          2023-05-10 18:24:05.414Z

                          This is the only feature holding me back from buying. Would pay for it as a premium also. Need audio/video both ways even if there is a delay.

                          1. Hi @ake, thanks for reaching out. It looks like you’ve posted this in a few different threads. In the future, please keep your question to one place, as duplicate posts make it harder for us to get an answer to you quickly.

                            The TinyPilot Voyager 2a has support for HDMI audio, but unfortunately this only works from the target machine to the browser. We do have internal tickets open to investigate the possibility of forwarding a microphone from the browser to the target machine, but we don't have a timeline for this just yet. I don't believe we currently have any plans to add webcam support, but it's an interesting idea so I'll share it with the team.

                            I appreciate how useful audio support would be so as an interim solution you might be interested in JackTrip. I believe that some other users have experimented with it with varying degrees of success.

                          2. Progress
                          3. K
                              2022-07-02 21:59:21.318Z

                              +1 to this feature.. I'm needing a device to stream audio back and forth (mic only required one way.. remote->target). I have around 60+ users that could use this feature right away if performance is enough to handle Zoom/Team meetings.

                              This is the only thing holding me back from purchasing TinyPilot. As another user said, if there's a subscription for a Pro feature, I'd gladly pay for it.

                              1. Diego @diego
                                  2022-07-04 22:44:05.347Zreplies toKVMBuyer:

                                  Hello @KVMBuyer - Thank you for posting your question here in the Forum, and thank you for the feedback as well!

                                  Unfortunately, TinyPilot doesn't support audio streaming in either direction. We're still considering adding audio support in the future, and we will take your comments into account.