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Can I use Multi TinyPilot to control Multi Laptop on the same lan ?

By shiko elmasry @shikoshikoelmasry
    2022-03-29 15:46:16.579Z

    Can I use Multi TinyPilot to control Multi Laptop on the same lan ?

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      Diego @diego2022-03-29 18:34:18.975Z2022-03-29 21:11:07.568Z

      Hello @shikoshikoelmasry - Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your question here!

      Yes, you can use multiple TinyPilot units to control multiple laptops, all in the same LAN. In order to access them (and to avoid conflicts), you would have to change the hostnames of the TinyPilot units, which can be done from the web interface of each of them (System > Hostname). So for example, if you had 4 TinyPilot devices, and by changing their hostname, you would then connect to them by using https://tinypilot1/, https://tinypilot2/, https://tinypilot3/ and https://tinypilot4/ - You could, of course, choose any other hostname naming scheme of your liking.

      Let me know if you had further comments and/or questions, I'll be happy to go over them.

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      1. Sshiko elmasry @shikoshikoelmasry
          2022-03-30 01:54:57.546Z

          wow that is amazing I have just one Tinypilot now but I am planning to add more in the future, thanks

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          Larry Rosenman @lrosenman
            2022-04-10 20:17:31.770Z

            I'm doing exactly this with 2 servers and a Firewall at my colo.
            3 TinyPilot's and tailscale.

            Love it. :)