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azerty keyboard layout

By Emeric Verschuur @emeric
    2022-05-13 08:42:30.290Z


    I cannot find any documentation to update the keyboard layout to "azerty".
    Thank you for your help,


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. This was necessary in the very early days of TinyPilot, but since 2020-12-30, you should no longer have to specify the keyboard layout from TinyPilot. If the target computer is AZERTY, it should see keystrokes in the correct layout.

      1. EEmeric Verschuur @emeric
          2022-05-13 13:13:15.917Z

          My OS locale is in en_US but I want to switch the keyboard in azerty in my browser : how can-I do this?

          1. Diego @diego
              2022-05-13 19:51:39.702Z2022-05-13 20:34:23.867Z

              Hello @emeric - Did you mean switching the on-screen keyboard, in the TinyPilot web interface, to AZERTY? That is not possible, unfortunately.

              However, you can SSH in and hack around a bit to create your custom layout:

              # Create a backup before proceeding!
              cd /opt/tinypilot/app/templates/custom-elements/
              cp -p on-screen-keyboard.html on-screen-keyboard.html.original
              # Edit the file
              sudo nano on-screen-keyboard.html
              # Reload browser after editing!

              For example, to replace the Q key in the virtual keyboard to A, you would change this line: <keyboard-key code="KeyQ">Q</keyboard-key> to this <keyboard-key code="KeyA">A</keyboard-key>

              NOTE: this would only change the virtual on-screen keyboard in the TinyPilot web GUI. It will have no effect on your physical keyboard whatsoever.

              1. EEmeric Verschuur @emeric
                  2022-05-17 06:07:25.696Z2022-05-17 19:27:29.936Z

                  Hello @diego, in fact, it's concerning the physical keyboard and the mapping is OK on the OS (azerty keymap) but strangely, not in the UEFI firmware setup (qwerty keymap) and the UEFI shell where I found this issue...

                  At the same time, thanks for the tip with the virtual keyboard :) (it could be useful...)

                  1. Diego @diego
                      2022-05-17 16:03:23.241Z

                      Hi @emeric - You would need to set the keyboard layout in the target computer, both at the OS level and at the UEFI firmware setup level (if that's possible). TinyPilot will see keystrokes in the same layout you configure for the target computer.