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can't wake computer using mouse/keyboard

By Dominik @domdorn
    2022-05-15 22:32:15.751Z

    after some time of not using the computer connected to tinypilot, it seems it went to sleep. normally its possible to wake the computer by pressing a key on the keyboard or on the mouse, however with tinypilot this seems not possible?

    please advice on how to wake the computer in this situation. its a dell xps running windows 10


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      Diego @diego2022-05-16 17:09:32.802Z

      Hello Dominik! Thank you for posting your question here. I'm sorry you are having this issue.

      • Does the motherboard of the target computer support Wake on LAN? If so, you should be able to use TinyPilot WoL feature to wake it up.

      • Otherwise, would it be possible to adjust the power settings for the target machine so that it doesn't suspend power after inactivity?

      • Another solution you may try is using a mouse jiggler, to keep the target computer awake at all times.