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Wake on Lan not working; can't wake target computer when it sleeps or shuts down

By @stargazer
    2022-06-02 03:08:38.570Z

    I discovered the Wake on Lan feature after reading this thread: can't wake computer using mouse/keyboard

    I followed the instructions, but WoL isn't allowing me to wake or turn on my target computer.

    Also, when I physically push the power button to power my computer back on after being shut down, I can't see the log-in screen in the web interface. Nor can I use the mouse/keyboard in the web interface to log in. I have to physically log in from the target computer. Only after I entered the password did the screen finally show up in the web interface.

    Is this expected? Any suggestions for how to get WoL working?

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-06-02 19:10:04.380Z2022-06-02 19:48:57.157Z

        Hello @stargazer - Thank you for opening a new thread.

        Wake on Lan, please check for the following:

        • Wake On Lan should be enabled on the target computer's BIOS.
        • The TinyPilot and your target computer need to be on the same network for Wake on Lan to work.

        I have a couple questions for you:

        • Is the target computer an Apple laptop? If so, can you share which model is it?
        • What happens if you reboot the TinyPilot while the target computer is at the login screen?