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H264 install issue, how to check if installed

By @asd
    2022-06-11 15:09:40.599Z


    I attempted to install H264 but got a message in terminal that connection to the network was unexpectedly terminated. And I did not get a "done" message after some libraries were being installed.

    How can I check whether H264 was installed?

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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-06-12 20:12:51.523Z

      Hello @asd - I'm sorry you are having this issue. Thank you for posting your question here.

      I would try Turning off H264 and watch for errors. Then try Enabling H264 video again.

      As a last resource, and since your system might be in an inconsistent state, please see this FAQ: How do I factory reset my TinyPilot device? and start all over.

      1. In reply toasd:

        If you open the JavaScript console in your browser while viewing the TinyPilot web dashboard and run this command, it will tell you which video format TinyPilot is using:

        document.getElementById('remote-screen').shadowRoot.getElementById('mjpeg-output').src === '' ? 'h264' : 'mjpeg'

        Alternatively, you can go to System > Logs and then scroll down to "uStreamer configuration." If your device is configured to use H264, you'll see these flags listed under the uStreamer settings:

          --h264-sink tinypilot::ustreamer::h264 \
          --h264-sink-mode 777 \