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Can TinyPilot work with phones and VPN?

By @zekrea
    2022-10-14 09:51:02.900Z

    Hi, I'm looking at the Voyager 2 and I want to know if it will work on a phone (Samsung model) and using tailscale to remote into it from another location?

    I'm not familiar with tech stuffs, but I tried to use RDP to remote into the phone and was blocked on betting sites. Seems like they can detect the softwares, would be great to know if tinypylot can bypass that detection.

    Thank you.

    Solved in post #3, click to view
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    1. In reply tozekrea:
      David @david2022-10-17 11:26:48.507Z2022-10-17 12:24:16.353Z

      Hi @zekrea, thanks for your question!

      Unfortunately, connecting TinyPilot to a smartphone isn't supported. Another user tried to connect their TinyPilot to their Samsung phone on this forum thread. And while they could view the screen and type on the keyboard, the mouse didn't work at all. We have an open issue for adding mouse support for Andriod devices, so it's on our radar, but it's not part of our short-term roadmap yet.

      In terms of bypassing detection, we have an FAQ article that addresses the question "Can anyone detect when I'm using TinyPilot?".

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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