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Browser hot-keys

By @jlee89
    2022-10-19 23:42:12.756Z2022-10-20 00:16:53.467Z

    I saw that chrome app enable cmd-t and cmd-w to work properly according to this:

    When I open a browser on the target device and press cmd-t, it correctly opens a new tab in the target device. However, a cmd-w closes the tab on the target device and closes the tinypilot chrome app on the host device. Is this the expected behavior?

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      Hi @jlee89 - thanks for your question about using keyboard shortcuts with Chrome in app mode!

      It sounds like you might be using macOS to access your TinyPilot device? If so, I understand that Cmd+W is an operating system level shortcut for closing a tab and so this might be unavoidable. Is the device connected to your TinyPilot also running macOS? If it isn't then you might be able to use Ctrl+W instead as a workaround.

      I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.