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By Amir Rashidi @amirdeadline
    2023-02-13 14:20:18.680Z

    I have been using my TinyPilot for last 6 month, and then last week without any changes I could not connect to it. device gets IP address from DHCP server and I can ping it but on Web GUI and SSH connection it give me refused connection error. and the led light is solid red.
    based on your forum I have exact similar symptoms as this issue: Hello. Cannot connect to the tinypilot
    can you please help?


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    1. C

      Hi Amir, thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you are having connection issues.

      It’s unusual for the web interface and SSH access to fail at the same time, so this could potentially be a network issue. Can you please try using your router’s settings page to force your TinyPilot device to reconnect? If that doesn’t work, or if it isn’t possible to use your router for this, would you be able to physically disconnect and reconnect the network cable from your TinyPilot device?

      1. A
        In reply toamirdeadline:
        Amir Rashidi @amirdeadline
          2023-02-14 12:55:18.748Z

          I have done all tests. I used my router to force dhcp renew which worked and i can even ping the new ip which based on dhcp binding table and arp table on my router the mac address matchs the Tinypilot. But still i cannot ssh nor access on web gui.
          Is there a way that i can reinstall the OS on the micro sd card? Or replace it. This sounds like a software issue.

          1. C
            In reply toamirdeadline:

            Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It sounds like your TinyPilot device is booting up but that some or all of the services are failing to start. It’s difficult to investigate the cause of this without access via SSH or the web interface, but the most likely explanation is that the filesystem on the microSD card has become corrupt. This could happen for a number of reasons (e.g. power failure). I appreciate it’s a hassle, but can you please follow our factory reset instructions which should get your TinyPilot device back up and running.

            1. A
              In reply toamirdeadline:
              Amir Rashidi @amirdeadline
                2023-02-15 14:30:09.044Z

                this work, Thanks!