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Tinypilot scrambled video

By @kyeotic
    2023-03-03 04:36:48.690Z

    I'm having issues with the Tinypilot 2a when connected to a Dell PowerEdge R730 Server. It has some misalignment issues in BIOS and setup, but when the TrueNAS Scale OS is running its completely unreadble.

    Here is what I am seeing

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    1. K
        2023-03-03 04:37:17.356Z
        1. In reply tokyeotic:
          David @david2023-03-03 10:29:01.413Z

          Hi @kyeotic, sorry that you're running into this scrambling image issue.

          Changing your TinyPilot's EDID typically solves this issue.

          If changing the EDID doesn't solve the scrambling issue, we have an FAQ about scrambled images which might be useful. If you still have a scrambled image after that, could you share a log from your TinyPilot? On your TinyPilot's web interface, navigate to System > Logs and click Get Shareable URL. Then paste the link in your reply.

          1. K
            In reply tokyeotic:
              2023-03-03 15:50:44.998Z

              Changing the EDID did not work, and if there is a way to change the resolution from the TrueNAS console I cannot find it. Here is a log dump

              1. David @david2023-03-06 12:40:31.991Z

                Thanks for trying the EDID! And thanks for sharing a log.

                It looks like your target computer is outputting at 1600x1200 at 60Hz which TinyPilot doesn't support.

                Are you using a VGA adapter?

                1. K@kyeotic
                    2023-03-16 16:11:17.728Z

                    Yes, I am using the VGA/HDMI adapter I got from tinypilot

                    1. David @david2023-03-17 12:28:30.904Z

                      The VGA adapter makes it a little more awkward. It looks like not being able to change the output resolution is something other people on the TrueNAS forums have experienced too.

                      As a test, I booted to the TrueNAS Scale installer on my test machine using a modified VGA adapter. I can get an output resolution of 800x600 (instead of 1600x1200).

                      If you're interested, I can share instructions to modify the EDID of your VGA adapter which might force TrueNAS to output at a supported resolution. It requires a Linux machine with VGA output and takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

                      If you're not interested in that option, could you reach out to our customer support team to work out a different solution?

                      Please let me know what you think!

                      1. K@kyeotic
                          2023-03-17 14:32:19.916Z

                          Sure, I can give it a try

                          1. David @david2023-03-17 20:02:57.206Z

                            Ok great! I'm still putting together the instructions to change the VGA adapter's EDID. Unfortunately, I won't have them ready today since they're pretty long. But I wanted to make sure to update you on this.

                            Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

                            1. In reply tokyeotic:
                              David @david2023-03-20 20:28:16.835Z2023-10-13 11:02:09.290Z

                              Thanks for your patience @kyeotic, here's the process for overwriting the VGA adapter's EDID. Please let me know if you have any questions or queries about the process.

                              [Instructions removed]

                              Once that's done, you can try using your VGA adapter with your TinyPilot and TrueNAS Scale to see if you get a supported resolution.