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Is it possible to edit the name that appears in the display settings?

By David @david2023-03-29 17:59:08.239Z

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    B @Badarkace
      2023-03-29 05:32:36.494Z2023-03-29 17:59:44.672Z

      I wanted to ask about editing the name that appears in the display settings. is this possible?
      I currently have changed my edid using the following

      # Set the new EDID
      echo -ne "" | sudo tee "${EDID}" && \
        echo '00ffffffffffff0052628888008888882d1e0103' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '800000781aee91a3544c99260f50547fef8081c0' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '8140810081809500a9c081406140271f80f07138' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '164038c0350040442100001eec2c80a070381a40' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '3020350040442100001e000000fc0054696e7950' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '4d5131360a202020000000fd003b3d0f2e100000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '000000000000014702031c734c010204139f2021' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '223c3d3e3c2066030c00300080e2007f00000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        echo '0000000000000000000000000000006b' | sudo tee -a "${EDID}" && \
        sudo v4l2-ctl --device=/dev/video0 --set-edid=file="${EDID}" --fix-edid-checksums
      1. David @david2023-03-29 18:16:27.443Z

        Hi @Badarkace, thanks for your question!

        With that EDID, your TinyPilot's product name is TinyPilot, and this is the name that TinyPilot announces to your target machine.

        It's possible to edit TinyPilot's product name in the EDID. This product name can affect the name you see in your target machine's display settings. However, different target machines and operating systems can list the name differently. In your case it looks like your machine is listing it as TinyPMQ16. I'm not sure why it crops the name, or where MQ16 comes from.

        On my own target machine, the display name doesn't reference TinyPilot's product name at all. You can see that the display is listed as Toshiba America Info Systems Inc 26":

        If you choose to edit the product name in your TinyPilot's EDID, the name shown in your display settings may still be different.

        I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

        1. BB @Badarkace
            2023-03-29 18:25:56.606Z2023-03-29 21:03:41.582Z

            thank you!
            I thought i had changed the edid to a generic asus monitor by editing the 6th echo line to 4d5131360a202020000000fd003b3d0f2e100000
            Im assuming i missed something fundamental here and i need to change more than just that in the tc358743-edid.hex file?

            if that is not the case can you tell me what i need to change in order to have it display asus instead of tinypilot?

            1. David @david2023-03-30 12:08:17.319Z

              To edit the EDID, you will need to use an EDID editor like AW EDID Editor. An EDID editor will correctly change the appropriate bytes and recalculate the checksum for you.

              Hope that helps!

              1. BB @Badarkace
                  2023-04-03 18:41:00.017Z

                  when i try to load the file tc358743-edid.hex into this editor
                  i get the following error:

                  1. David @david2023-04-04 11:15:23.378Z

                    It looks like you need to load a .bin file instead of a .hex file.

                    We have a simple Python tool on GitHub that can create a .bin from hex for you. Once you've converted the file into a .bin, you should be able to load it into the EDID editor and make your changes.

                    We also have another Python script that takes your new EDID file and converts it into commands to set the EDID on your TinyPilot.

                    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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            In reply todavid:
            Aaron @AaronP
              2023-07-01 01:29:51.394Z

              Hi, I posted my solution that works for my tinyPilot: How can you revert device's display name from "TinyPilot" back to "Toshiba-H2C"?