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TinyPilot with webcam and audio support - When?

By Plane Reflection @PlaneReflection
    2023-04-24 16:54:45.022Zassigned to
    • @cghague

    I understand that TinyPilot currently does not have support for webcam nor audio. The digital nomad subreddit (r/digitalnomad) is 2m+ strong, and would love a solution where they can leave their hardware stat- side, while traveling abroad. It's much easier to replace a cheap laptop/Chromebook than a high end workstation.

    The biggest drawback with TinyPilot (and other solutions) is the lack of webcam and audio support. Is there any way to implement this? It would open this community to a huge market.

    EDIT: I understand some people may use their phone for the actual Zoom/Meet call. However, whenever you need to screenshare, you would have two instances of yourself (1- screensharing your computer, 2- audio/video on the phone). I'm looking for a way to avoid this.

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      Hi Plane Reflection, thank you for reaching out with your question!

      The TinyPilot Voyager 2a has support for HDMI audio, but unfortunately this only works from the target machine to the browser. We do have internal tickets open to investigate the possibility of forwarding a microphone from the browser to the target machine, but we don't have a timeline for this just yet. I don't believe we currently have any plans to add webcam support, but it's an interesting idea so I'll share it with the team.

      I appreciate how useful audio support would be so as an interim solution you might be interested in JackTrip. I believe that some other users have experimented with it with varying degrees of success.