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Video streams, but no sound for DIY. Paid only feature?

By D Barr @david_fl
    2023-04-26 17:07:54.907Z

    Does the DIY support audio or is that only included with the pro version?

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    1. David @david2023-04-26 18:17:05.114Z

      Hi @david_fl, thanks for your question!

      Audio streaming is possible with the hobbyist version of the TinyPilot software. However, you will need to check that your HDMI capture chip is capable of audio capture. You'll also need to connect the pins to your Pi's GPIO. Audio streaming also requires that you use the Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye.

      Another user on the forum asked about upgrading their hobbyist TinyPilot for audio support, and we shared some additional details there.

      Hope that helps!