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Tiny Pilot Inaccessible

By Thad @thadehresman2021-05-24 16:27:54.800Z

We just received a TinyPilot Voyager last week and had been using nearly daily, but now after the weekend the device won't get an IP and plugging it into a monitor shows nothing. We have tried a different SD card with Raspbian and it worked fine. Is there any way to recover?

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    Thad @thadehresman2021-05-24 16:28:36.421Z

    To add, I've followed most of the steps here TinyPilot not getting an IP address? and I think it may be the same issue.

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      Michael Lynch @michael2021-05-24 19:34:55.966Z

      Sorry about that! It sounds like the microSD card might have gotten corrupted. I'll email you a link to the disk image and instructions for reflashing.