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Issue getting Tiny Pilot to display anything after boot up on my monitor.

By Michael Burnett @MikeB
    2024-04-05 19:06:24.986Zassigned to
    • @david

    Tried multiple time to get this device on line and I cannot see to get anything to display through the HDMI port. Any help is appreciated. Also walked the setup top to bottom multiple times and I cannot seem to get this refurbished unit to display anything on the monitor. Confirm Monitor works on my laptop.

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    1. David @david2024-04-08 11:00:38.599Z

      Hi @MikeB, I'm sorry you're running into issues with your new TinyPilot.

      From your description, it sounds like you're trying to connect your TinyPilot to a monitor, is that correct?

      TinyPilot connects to your target machine (usually a PC you want to control) via HDMI, and acts a display that you can view using a web browser on another machine.

      Could you tell me the device you're trying to control, the device your TinyPilot currently connects to, and the device you access TinyPilot's web interface with?