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Using tinypilot voyager 2 with multiple computers

By Santosh Krishnan @Zantosh
    2023-01-25 04:22:05.743Z

    I need to connect 3 computers and use them remotely. Do I need to get 3 Voyager 2 units, or can I use one unit to control each of the three computers from my tablet?

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    1. C

      Hi Santosh - thanks for your great question about controlling multiple computers.

      Each TinyPilot device can capture a single HDMI video stream and emulate a single keyboard and mouse. This means you’d need one TinyPilot device per computer.

      An alternative solution is to use a single TinyPilot device with a third-party KVM which can connect to multiple computers. You can find a list of compatible KVMs in our GitHub wiki.

      1. Z
        In reply toZantosh:
        Santosh Krishnan @Zantosh
          2023-01-26 22:25:51.406Z

          Hi there,

          I got one of the KVM switches in the compatibility list, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get the TinyPilot to make it switch between the connected systems. Can you help me with this?


          1. C
            In reply toZantosh:

            The method used to switch between inputs varies depending on the KVM, but it is usually a particular sequence of keypresses. You’ll need to refer to your KVM documentation to find the sequence for your model.