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Kvm usb disconected

By Joao Justino @justino
    2023-03-24 11:38:09.029Z

    Im working with a company that host server, and i ask for a server with kvm.
    They send me a server with tinypilot kvm. Version 2.5.3.
    What happen next is that we cant use the kvm, appears that the usb disconected. I read in the forum that some guys had the same issue and for solve it they had to downgrade this 2.5.3 version or reset factory. How to do that? And you think that will solve the problem?
    I think their model isnt the voiager 2, so this update (2.5.3) is for the voiager right?


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    1. David @david2023-03-24 12:17:32.465Z

      Hi @justino, sorry that you're running into this issue.

      I don't think downgrading this TinyPilot's software to 2.5.0 is going to help here. If you're talking about this thread, the user was using a 'chained' KVM and the issue was with hotkey switching - so your problem sounds like a different issue.

      Can you provide some more details about your problem and your setup? Are you getting a video signal? And is this just an issue with USB?

      And could you share a log from the TinyPilot? On your TinyPilot's web interface, navigate to System > Logs and click Get Shareable URL. Then paste the link in your reply.

      1. JJoao Justino @justino
          2023-03-24 12:51:34.009Z

          Here is the logs:
          We are in this situation for days, we get video, kvm just frozes, the keyboard dont work. Then i talk to the company and they reset the kvm, and then in minutes the keyboard dont work again. I saw in the forum a guy that had the same issue that me. And he have 4 machines, just used another and dont update and worked.

          1. David @david2023-03-24 20:01:54.619Z

            Thanks for sharing those logs, @justino. I can't see anything that stands out in those logs - they just confirm that you are seeing a USB issue.

            Right now, it's still unclear what the underlying cause of the issues outlined in the thread you're referencing were. So I don't think I would recommend downgrading your TinyPilot software based on that.

            Do you have access to the TinyPilot for physical troubleshooting - like trying a different USB cable? Or is the device completely remote?

            Can you tell me about your target machine? i.e. its hardware and OS?

            1. JJoao Justino @justino
                2023-03-24 21:31:04.099Z

                The hosting company already did that. And the kvm just work a couple of minutes. The server is an intel xeon, 16gb ram, 1gbps speed and we are trying to instal pfsense as SO. But we cant because happen this again.

                1. David @david2023-03-27 18:42:57.564Z

                  Thanks for the info, @justino. Do you know your server's brand and model name? Knowing that will help us with troubleshooting.

                  This is a difficult problem to troubleshoot if the TinyPilot is remote. Do you own this TinyPilot, or does the hosting company own it?