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    GeneralK22021-03-11 19:48:27.827Z
    Problem in videobuf2-core ?
    I just made a dmesg to verify my undervoltage problem was gone (it is) and found this in the logs.. no clue what it means / if its a problem: [1399846.223492] ------------[ cut here ]------------ [1399846.223721] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 11 at drivers/me...
      Technical SupportD02022-05-20 08:44:12.020Z
      67 YEAR OLD "NEW GUY"..using all new components on a raspberry pi 4. tried two computers..swapped all compnents except for the short segment from the USBTO THE HDMI CABLE. NEW USB TO HDMI coming tomorrow, I have the dump file and don't know where to ...
        Technical SupportSD12022-05-19 21:06:02.486Z
        2.4.1 H264
        Hello there :) I see that experimental support was added for H264 streaming, but I don't see any way to enable it in the GUI. I'm guessing it's done over SSH and if so, how? Thanks!
          Technical SupportNSD2L122022-05-18 23:41:06.546Z
          No mouse when connecting TinyPilot via AIMOS KVM
          When my TinyPilot is connected directly to a PC it works fine, but if I try to connect it via an AIMOS KVM as described in the KVM compatibility list (i.e. combined with HDMI splitter) the keyboard works but the mouse does not, the pointer jiggles ra...
            Technical SupportDD32022-05-17 19:32:31.586Z
            azerty keyboard layout
            Hello I cannot find any documentation to update the keyboard layout to "azerty". Thank you for your help, Emeric
              Technical SupportED52022-05-17 16:03:23.241Z
              NGINX Server not starting
              Good morning @michael! I’ve had great success and a lot of use out of the Tiny Pilot for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, when I went to log on to my tiny pilot via the web URL (IP address or host name - ssh is fine) I couldn’t connect to the web serv...
                Technical SupportLD142022-05-16 21:27:06.040Z
                can't wake computer using mouse/keyboard
                after some time of not using the computer connected to tinypilot, it seems it went to sleep. normally its possible to wake the computer by pressing a key on the keyboard or on the mouse, however with tinypilot this seems not possible? please advice o...
                  Technical SupportDD12022-05-16 17:09:32.802Z
                  Updating TinyPilot behind proxy
                  Hi, we currently have a couple of TinyPilot Voyagers and are in a company network and sitting behind a proxy. We would like to update via WebGUI but there is no way to set a proxy via webGUI. I have enabled SSH and set the proxy via command for GIT, ...
                    Technical SupportAD42022-05-13 21:04:07.976Z
                    Reason behind using web interface
                    Just for knowledge, I am curious to know why tinypilot is using web interface for the remote pc access? If anyone can help me understand this.
                      GeneralH12022-05-12 16:05:39.221Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Hard reset of voyager v2
                      I need to hard reset voyager v2 because i forgot my password. Where can i find the iso for it? the ones available dont seem to work
                        Technical SupportJD12022-05-10 21:18:36.014Z
                        Can I access the KVM from a different network?
                        Sorry for the noob question. I'm considering getting the Tinypilot Voyager 2. What I'm trying to do is be able to access a friends PC via KVM from a different country, so over the internet. Obviously if the whole thing only works within a LAN that's ...
                          GeneralKD52022-05-09 13:19:31.084Z
                          hardware endpoint instead of web browser? Protocol for that...
                          I want to read out keyboard and mouse from a USB port on one raspberry pi and forward this to the TinyPilot switch in the other end. No need for video, audio etc, and also no need for the WEB ui of TinyPilot - just want another hardware end point. Is...
                            Technical SupportKD12022-05-06 20:23:01.622Z
                            Tinypilot Pro keyboard not working in BIOS?
                            Hello, I have a Tinypilot Pro version 2.3.2 Everything works perfectly (video streaming and keyboard/mouse emulation) However, the keyboard and mouse does not respond during BIOS or boot menu. I am using a HP Z2 Tower G5 workstation with Intel Xeon P...
                              Technical SupportAD32022-05-06 17:09:58.526Z
                              I've got my Tinypilot Voyager last december via In my logs I now get messages about Under-Voltage. How is this possible? I'm using exactly the components that where shipped.. [ 6.875685] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005) [ 27.673651...
                                Technical SupportDFD82022-05-04 20:48:59.050Z
                                Intel NUC Extreme Kit BXNUC9i7QNX - No Signal at BIOS
                                Hi, Just received my TinyPilot Voyager 2 today. Hooked it up and Ubuntu when loaded is coming through fine. Awesome! Tried to restart and enter the BIOS (Intel Visual BIOS) and get a no signal - seems hitting F2 has gotten me into the BIOS but nothin...
                                  Technical SupportSD52022-04-29 17:37:26.109Z
                                  After update to 2.4.0 - no WEB gui
                                  Hello, we've ordered a TP Voyager 2 in February this year. I've just updated the TP to latest Version 2.4.0. Now i can't access the WEB-Gui anymore. I'm able to ping the device but there is no more Web-Gui. Already tried several reboots without luck....
                                    Technical SupportH12022-04-26 17:52:28.044Z
                                    Video Disappears in a blink of an eye
                                    This is an issue that I've been experiencing for a while, since I started using TinyPilot actually, but I'm finally into wanting to work towards a solution. When I visit my TinyPilot, the video displays for what seems to be one frame and then disappe...
                                      GeneralCD92022-04-25 18:06:06.489Z
                                      Tinypilot have installed on Ubuntu having issues starting the video?
                                      Hello I have installed the tinypilot repo on my Ubuntu 20. I am able to access the web browser and see the hostname etc. I am not sure how to check the video and audio data or access the keyboard. Can anyone guide me through how to access the video?
                                        Technical SupportS2D52022-04-20 11:15:01.886Z
                                        TinyPilot Voyager - No Signal - Persistent device timeout (unplugged)
                                        Hello, I am using the TinyPilot Voyager with the VGA to HDMI adapter provided. Based on the logs it seems that it never detects my device. I've tried two different VGA to HDMI adapters. The server is outputting to a splitter with one side going to a ...
                                          Technical SupportHD52022-04-19 16:37:11.346Z
                                          Samsung Phone
                                          Good Morning, Just received my TinyPilot and was excited to use it with my phone. I have a samsung S10 and using a USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter ( Everything i...
                                            Technical SupportMD42022-04-18 19:36:39.540Z
                                            Issue with Voyager 2
                                            I just bought Voyager 2 and it works fine on any other laptop, with any other HDMI cable. But on this particular Lenovo laptop T495, it just doesn't work. It does show the screen for a second perfectly but then it goes black. These are the logs: http...
                                              Technical Support1D12022-04-18 14:05:20.618Z
                                              New TinyPilot Voyager v2, not coming online
                                              Hey folks, Thanks for the TinyPilot! I just received my first one. It looks really great. I connected it to my power/network/data/hdmi, but unfortunately I'm not seeing any network activity coming from it on the switch or router. DHCP hasn't talked t...
                                                Technical SupportG42022-04-15 20:29:39.869Z
                                                Black screen?
                                                Hi, I installed PinyPilot yesterday manually on this Raspberry 4: cat /etc/os-release PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)" NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux" VERSION_ID="11" VERSION="11 (bullseye)" VERSION_CODENAME=bullseye ID=raspbian ID_LIKE=debia...
                                                  Technical SupportGD132022-04-15 15:58:20.742Z
                                                  Unable to update 64bit pi to 2.4.0
                                                  Hi, I'm trying to update the TinyPilot pro software on my Pi 4 (8gb) running Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (64 bit). However I get the following error message: 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS is not yet supported. Please use the 32-bit version of Raspberry Pi OS. ++ una...
                                                    Technical SupportP92022-04-14 20:12:01.018Z
                                                    Hello. Cannot connect to the tinypilot
                                                    Hello. I bought my pilot 2 wks ago. Tinypilot worked fine till yesterday. My computer and the tinypilot are on the same network. I can ping it but I cannot open anything in the browser. It shows err "tinypilot refused to connect." The ethernet connec...
                                                      GeneralAAD82022-04-13 15:21:28.413Z
                                                      Unable to update voyager 1 or ssh to it
                                                        Technical SupportKD12022-04-12 13:35:24.661Z
                                                        Mouse wheel scrolling not completely captured
                                                        I just recently updated Tiny Pilot to the latest version available, and after I did, it would appear that tiny pilot is not completely capturing mouse wheel scrolls. Before updating, if I used the mouse wheel scroll inside the remote window, the mous...
                                                          Technical SupportWD12022-04-11 19:39:04.434Z
                                                          Remote pointer only moves if I hold down spacebar
                                                          Connected tinypilot to a Reolink NVR - pointer only seems to move ( belatedly ) if I hold down spacebar. Trouble shooting steps: Rebooted tinypilot, rebooted NVR, upgraded tinypilot to latest version Logs:
                                                            Technical SupportUD22022-04-11 19:13:10.426Z
                                                            Tiny Pilot SD Image
                                                            I bought Tiny Pilot from on 25.10.2021 with order number 1060, but with this data i cannot download. please submit a download link
                                                              Technical SupportA212022-04-11 18:49:43.468Z
                                                              Can I use Multi TinyPilot to control Multi Laptop on the same lan ?
                                                              Can I use Multi TinyPilot to control Multi Laptop on the same lan ?
                                                                Technical SupportSDL32022-04-10 20:17:31.770Z
                                                                Image loses sync after mode changes
                                                                I'm using a TinyPilot pro via the VGA-Adapter on a Precision R7910 that I have to admin remotely. Unfortunately, the server does several graphic mode changes while transitioning through BIOS, before landing on a text console. The mode changes appear ...
                                                                  Technical SupportD2D92022-04-04 18:39:23.531Z
                                                                  porting tiny pilot for iMX8M Mini.
                                                                  Hello, I am trying to port a tiny pilot on the iMX8M Mini board using Yocto. I have referred your GitHub Repository wanted to know it is possible to port Tiny pilot for iMX8M Mini. if yes, can you suggest to me...
                                                                    Technical SupportS2S222022-04-01 11:59:42.765Z
                                                                    Tinypilot on cloudflare
                                                                    Hi, am trying to access tinypilot on cloudflare tunneled network. My goal is to access using private IP address of the tinypilot on the other end of cloudflare tunnel. So, the tunneling is working, i confirmed playing a video file on a server connect...
                                                                      Technical SupportSD12022-03-30 19:09:04.928Z
                                                                      TinyPilot Voyager includes hdmi cable?
                                                                      Hi, I purchased a TinyPilot voyager with the VGA option and the Poe for a remote site. So it was shipped directly to the remote location, and im going to have a none technical user plug it in to a new computer. I was wondering if the TinyPilot packag...
                                                                        Technical SupportRD12022-03-29 20:44:18.162Z
                                                                        Build tiny pilot for iMX8M Mini.
                                                                        Hi, I am trying to build a tiny pilot on iMX8M Mini. referring to the git repository of the tiny pilot and google it out but failed to get an appropriate link regarding for same. can anyone help me in this case? what changes should have to do from th...
                                                                          Technical SupportS2DS222022-03-28 08:31:16.965Z
                                                                          Tinypilot image download
                                                                          I need to download tinypilot image for factory reset. I'm unable to download with this link: It is too slow and never downloads, fails with network error. Is there any other way like torrent etc .. ? Thanks....
                                                                            Technical SupportSD32022-03-25 22:16:03.119Z
                                                                            Voyager works only on server-like hardware or it's hardware agnostic?
                                                                            Hello, I can see everywhere on the website the word server. Manage your server, work with your server, USB port on your server. I want to find out if Voyager works or might work with any other hardware, not-server. :-) For my scenario, I have a HMI t...
                                                                              GeneralAD52022-03-25 20:54:33.052Z
                                                                              TinyPilot no longer capturing video
                                                                              Hi - I powered off my server and disconnected it from my TinyPilot. I didn't change anything HW or SW related in the server, but when I reconnected the TinyPilot, it no longer shows the video feed, it just shows the "broken image" icon. I've restarte...
                                                                                Technical SupportSKLED112022-03-25 18:13:14.206Z
                                                                                Mouse Jiggler ,Automatic Computer Mouse Mover
                                                                                Hi, This feature is important to keep the computer awake if it goes into sleep after sometime of inactivity. This feature can be enabled / disabled at anytime.
                                                                                  IdeasBD22022-03-23 18:56:41.114Z
                                                                                  Does Vovager 2 able to mount multiple virtual media at the same time?
                                                                                  Does Vovager 2 able to mount multiple virtual media at the same time? I need to mount the ISO file to boot and second virtual media for driver installation. Can this be done? At the moment, I can only mount one virtual media at a time.
                                                                                    Technical SupportYD22022-03-22 18:25:49.033Z