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Black screen
I've set up my tinypilot and can connect to it via a web browser. The mouse and keyboard are communicating with the host machine, but the screen is only showing black. I've reseated all the connections several times as well as rebooted. I'm using a k...
    GeneralP22021-05-11 22:22:08.492Z
    Service doesn't start after install
    Hi I have used the quick install script. I see a 502 Bad Gateway error and the log shows the following: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: tinypilot, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://127.0.0...
      GeneralF142021-05-11 22:20:42.664Z
      Rename from "tinypilot usb" to "keyboard usb"?
      Can you create a custom build that renames the recognized device name from "tinypilot usb" to "keyboard usb"?
        Technical SupportBB42021-05-10 21:17:35.498Z
        WOL Wake-On-LAN?
        Hi. Apologies is this has already been asked. I searched and didn't see anything. I just ordered your kit a few hours ago and am reading. I know that you can't interact directly with powering the machine on and off, but have you thought about making ...
          Technical SupportSS22021-05-10 20:43:21.252Z
          Non-blurry images fail to load in docs
          When I visit your docs in one particular Chrome instance, all of the images are hopelessly blurry and unusable, and there is an uncaught Promise rejection in the JS console. This doesn't happen in incognito or on my phone. There must be some browser ...
            GeneralJJ62021-05-07 22:54:11.579Z
            USB OTG on the 1st gen RPi B?
            Hello, I installed TinyPilot on my RPi B (1st generation with 256Mb RAM), I only have these devices. The video stream does work properly, however I can't get USB input to the client PC to control it, that doesn't work. I'm using one of these USB-Y sp...
              GeneralE32021-05-07 16:48:01.297Z
              Mouse Not Working - Log Attached
              TinyPilot logs May 05 13:26:02 raspberrypi python[530]: self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs) May 05 13:26:02 raspberrypi python[530]: File "/opt/tinypilot/app/hid/", line 18, in _write_to_hid_interface_immediately May 05 13:26:02 raspber...
                GeneralDD22021-05-05 23:57:37.726Z
                Female to dual male splitter cable
                Can i use female to dual male splitter cables? I used kapton tape to disconnect power from one cable.
                  GeneralS12021-05-05 20:42:08.938Z
                  Power Supply suitable for the UK, and questions about the dongle...
                  Hello - I received my Hobbiest Kit today. It's very nice, but being in the UK the power block is somewhat useless. I was wondering if anyone could point me at a power supply suitable for the UK? Also in the instructions, it describes clicking the but...
                    Technical SupportF12021-05-05 20:39:37.943Z
                    Wifi trouble
                    I set up the raspi wifi config to my main network but when I try to set up a different network configuration it doesn't take, and after the reboot it goes right back to the first configuration.
                      GeneralM12021-05-05 13:19:26.359Z
                      Explain icons...
                      No KB or Mouse activity
                      Hi - Brilliant device! Unfortunately, I can't seem to get KB/mouse activity. I have the "Hobbyist" kit. I'm using this to connect to a security-camera NVR system (a ReoLink RLN16-410. The video capture is perfect, but no KB/Mouse - any ideas / sugges...
                        GeneralG02021-04-30 00:48:24.531Z
                        Video brightness little dull
                        Hi, I recently got my TinyPilot. I have set it up ,but I notice there is a difference in the brightness of the Target host in other monitor. Are there any configurations that can be applied so the brightness is retained ? Thanks
                          GeneralG42021-04-29 19:19:02.072Z
                          Older systems... SVGA adapter?
                          I am considering a tiny pilot to do support at a remote location, but not all of the systems there have HDMI or DVI - many are still stuck at SVGA. Has anyone had verified luck with an svga -> hdmi adapter on the capture port?
                            GeneralMY22021-04-29 15:07:06.107Z
                            Two networks?
                            Hey guys I think I am on my wired lan as well as my wireless lan. I see in my router two IP address for "tinypilot". Is there a way to disable the wifi? I am having some connection issues via VPN right now within my network. I can't seem to get video...
                              GeneralH12021-04-28 20:29:23.498Z
                              Cant access tiny pilot through a mobile or non desktop browser
                              I am trying to access the tiny pilot url through a mobile phone and it dose not work, this is also the case for any non desktop browser.
                                GeneralM32021-04-27 21:29:21.404Z
                                Video lagging but mouse and keyboard aren't.
                                Hello, Hello When I access my system from my local network I am not having any issues with the video however once I access it over the internet there is a 25 second video lags however if I refresh the webpage it there is no lag. there is no lag with ...
                                  Technical SupportR72021-04-27 20:39:10.577Z
                                  Audio Pass through
                                  Currently there is no audio pass through.. Are you planning to have it anytime soon ? Thanks
                                    GeneralG12021-04-26 21:38:04.468Z
                                    Unable to control device with tiny pilot
                                    Hello, When I connect to tiny pilot I am able to see the scree of the device and it mirrors the device properly. However at the bottom left of the screen it says Disconnected and I am not able to control the device. The same issue happens when I conn...
                                      Technical SupportRR42021-04-22 17:14:21.801Z
                                      server not starting up
                                      I just got the tiny pilot and followed the instructions. When I go to https://tinypilot/ I get a server not found error
                                        Technical SupportRR42021-04-16 16:42:56.273Z
                                        How can I install the remote apps
                                        How can I install any of these apps onto the device. Provider Setup Complexity Performance Easy Medium Tailscale Moderate High ZeroTier Advanced High
                                          GeneralAA22021-04-13 20:00:54.290Z
                                          New device not able to access
                                          I have just received the device I am unable to access the same. Below is my screenshot
                                            GeneralAA42021-04-13 20:00:06.888Z
                                            No USB input
                                            Hello, I setup TinyPilot for the first time. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 along with the TinyPilot Power Connector. The video works fine, but I have no USB input - keyboard (real or virtual) / mouse. I don't see a generic USB keyboard or mouse detected...
                                              GeneralA152021-04-07 22:13:03.104Z
                                              Latency question
                                              Hi Michael I'm trying to use the TinyPilot over the internet on a rather limited 4G/5G connection. I realize that this will in it self cause latency issues because of the slow connection. My setup is: A TinyPilot with VPN and local WiFi client. The T...
                                                Technical SupportVV22021-04-06 12:51:38.566Z
                                                Invalid username and password on 1st web server login
                                                Hello, I'm starting to set up my 2nd Tiny Pilot Voyager. The first one went fine, but on the 2nd one, I'm getting this error, when trying to log into the web server: Invalid username and password on 1st web server login I logged in first through SSH,...
                                                  GeneralL32021-04-01 18:19:45.127Z
                                                  TinyPilot for Laptops?
                                                  I stumbled upon the TinyPilot build while scouring the internet for potential laptop/kvm solutions for my remote support scenarios. Previously I have used a Lantronix Spider for similar applications with desktops and servers. My biggest challenge is ...
                                                    GeneralE32021-03-30 22:11:54.196Z
                                                    Over the internet usage instruction
                                                    Hello Michael. In FAQ I can see 3 option to use TinyPilot over the internet. My problem is that it is not quite clear how to setup each of this options. Is it any chance you can create step by step guide what should be done in order to make it works?...
                                                      GeneralP12021-03-30 22:03:31.093Z
                                                      No IPV4 / Web interface
                                                      I just received the TinyPilot today and have tried to connect it without much luck. It never seems to obtain an IPV4 address and my router never grants the device a DHCP lease. I can connect using SSH over IPV6, but the webinterface never comes up. B...
                                                        Technical SupportV12021-03-30 14:45:47.631Z
                                                        Blank screen on reboot
                                                        When I reboot my server tinypilot goes to a black screen and I have to reboot tinypilot to get video back. Any way to fix this?
                                                          GeneralJM82021-03-29 19:48:15.678Z
                                                          Latest Update seemed to make Shift or Control clicking not work anymore.
                                                          When I hold shift and left click on the mouse, or hold control and left click on the mouse (to select multiple items) on a remote PC, it no longer works for me, anyone else? I noticed it broke update before this last one, but thought I would wait for...
                                                            GeneralAM102021-03-26 13:46:32.576Z
                                                            Not sure why keyboard still doesn't work for me
                                                            I ran the update to the latest version as of a few minutes ago but still get nothing at all either via the soft keyboard or from my hardware keys forwarding. Likewise no cursor movement. Any common gotchas for me to check? Since it doesn't appear to ...
                                                              Technical SupportR32021-03-24 20:21:06.805Z
                                                              Latest update disabled my ability to remotely control my computers.
                                                              So with the set up I have, is a POE Hat, and a USB 3 cable with the V+ blocked and plugged into the PC from the USB Power slot of the Pi (4 Mdl B). This setup was working for me before I updated to the latest version and then I no longer have the abi...
                                                                Technical SupportG2J2TR82021-03-22 12:57:41.016Z
                                                                Two Preliminary Questions
                                                                Can TinyPilot be installed on a Raspberry Pi that contains minimal pre-existing software on the device? Currently I'm running a RPi 4 2GB with PiHole and a few minimal scripts. Can I install the TinyPilot alongside this software, or does TinyPilot ne...
                                                                  GeneralC42021-03-19 22:49:52.021Z
                                                                  Hobbyist Kit vs Voyager
                                                                  I undertand the Voyager is finished - plug and go kind of solution. But with the Hobbyist kit you need too be comfortable to build and configure things. Beside that big difference - are there usable feature differences?
                                                                    GeneralS12021-03-16 21:28:38.329Z
                                                                    Welcome to the TinyPilot Forum
                                                                    This is a place for TinyPilot users to;
                                                                      GeneralK22021-03-11 19:48:27.827Z
                                                                      Enter on Num Pad - TinyPilot Voyager
                                                                      When I am using the old TinyPilot I had, enter on the num pad worked fine, but now when I push the enter on the num pad it looks like below. This is where I pushed the normal enter key, then the num pad enter key 4 times then the normal enter key. Fo...
                                                                        Technical SupportA42021-03-08 23:30:54.397Z
                                                                        TinyPilot not getting an IP address?
                                                                        I purchased my TinyPilot hobbyist kit back in January and finally got around to setting it up today. I hooked everything up per the assembly instructions, however it doesn't seem to be getting an IP address via DHCP, as I can't access it via the tiny...
                                                                          Technical Support32021-03-02 19:11:53.798Z
                                                                          Tiny Pilot Pro Http Server, Caddy Http Reverse Proxy, and Logging into TinyPilot within an iFrame
                                                                          Wanted to share a discussion I had with Michael so that others with a similar environment can benefit. In my environment at home, I'm running Home Assistant ( Home Assistant is basically my portal to controlling everyt...
                                                                            GeneralP12021-02-26 20:45:57.167Z
                                                                            Hi there, awesome product and software - THANK YOU! Question: Is there any guidance on how to set up a VPN? Use case: I'm looking to have my virtual assistant interact directly with my computer and would need some way for them to access it outside of...
                                                                              GeneralR12021-02-25 22:28:48.918Z
                                                                              Possible to add a Mouse Jiggler?
                                                                              Would like to be able to keep remote device awake that doesn't have typical "sleep" settings.
                                                                                GeneralP12021-02-24 21:20:59.884Z
                                                                                Possible to remap the ESC key?
                                                                                The escape key takes me out of full screen. Is it possible to remap this to another set of keystrokes?
                                                                                  GeneralS12021-02-18 20:54:18.719Z