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GeneralK22021-03-11 19:48:27.827Z
Right Alt not working in tinypilot's web interface

I’m using your Tinypilot software and I came across one issue. I connect to the remote laptop using tinypilot's web interface. USB on the go forwards keystrokes to the laptop and almost everything works fine. I can use shift and control keys (except ...

GeneralP02021-09-17 17:06:45.081Z
Audio streaming

Hello, I installed the tinypilot and so far it's been great. I use it to remote control a work laptop at the office from home. I was wondering if there is a way to stream the audio/microphone so that I would be able to also take calls from the work l...

GeneralFTD52021-09-15 18:39:29.435Z
Way to split Keyboard and Mouse to 2 USB ports to connect to KVM

My KVM Switch usb ports only has separate ports for Keyboard and Mouse. Is there anyway to split or repeat the USB from the Pi so I can plug into Keyboard and Mouse? Just to note my Pi works in either Keyboard or Mouse plug it only controls either th...

GeneralK212021-09-10 21:30:53.344Z
Reduce CSI to HDMI resolution to 800x600

How to reduce resolution to 800x600? I am using Tinypilot pro version. If possible pls share how to do that in Tinypilot community version also. Thanks

Technical SupportP12021-09-09 18:20:58.096Z
remote-screen-img size

I've managed to increase the ustreamer capture resolution to 4096x2160 using another usb capture card and editing ustreamer.service, but the image size on the webpage is still displaying at 1920x1080. Is it possible to increase the image size on the ...

Technical SupportP52021-09-07 18:55:38.339Z
keyboard and Mouse not working with Macbook pro USB-c

I purchased tinypilot Voyager, I can see the screen using KVM but Keyboard and mouse not working Thanks Gurjinder Singh

GeneralGCA62021-09-06 20:40:32.522Z
TinyPilot using remote desktop and ipad with magic keyboard

Hi, I am using this awesome tool and I am loving it. when I want to access tiny pilot from outside my home network and I use my iPad browser (chrome, firefox or Safari) I experiance unbearable slowness, so I decided to connect to a virtual machine in...

GeneralBB62021-09-03 21:58:58.797Z
Tinypilot Pro update fails

Tried to update using web gui and via SSH error via SSH: E: Repository ' buster InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'stable' to 'oldstable' N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repo...

GeneralKK2F272021-09-03 21:47:43.316Z
No Signal since update to 2.5.5

I have set my unit up with a KVM physical switch like the youtube video by DB Tech. It was working as expected. I just did the update to 2.5.5 and now I'm getting no signal from either video source (input 1 or 2 on the KVM) I have physically cold boo...

Technical SupportG72021-09-02 18:23:23.897Z
Explain icons...
Mouse HID gets interpreted as touch on Chromebook

I'm controlling a Chromebook remotely from a Windows 10 computer through Chrome (holy inception, Batman!). The Chromebook seems to interpret the TinyPilot HID device (/dev/hidg1) as touch input. When I wave my mouse around on the Windows 10 computer,...

Technical SupportVV52021-09-02 08:00:22.148Z
Higher resolution

The TinyPilot Voyager looks really tempting, but I would like a higher resolution, maybe even DisplayPort input instead of HDMI. Is there any chance of you doing something like that?

GeneralUW22021-09-01 19:23:17.637Z
New TinyPilot Pro - NO SIGNAL error

I have just received the TinyPilot Pro and connected it to my SuperMicro server. However, video doesn't seem to work - it always shows NO SIGNAL. Connecting the TinyPilot Pro to my computer works. Connecting a monitor to the SuperMicro works.

GeneralU12021-08-31 18:54:45.302Z
Renaming the device, Device shows under Mass storage device -

How to rename the device ? Currently it shows as tinypilot USB device It currently shows under mass storage devices under Device Manager Is it possible to have it show up as something more generic?

GeneralT42021-08-31 18:50:12.455Z
Trouble installing TIny Pilot

I have a raspberry pi 4 with raspbian 10 installed. I tried downloading and installing tiny pilot on it from the instructions here: It appears to download and...

Technical SupportP2P262021-08-30 00:10:15.371Z
Issue with Tinypilot and AIMOS KVM - unable to activate hotkeys

Hi, Just received my device and hooked it up to the AIMOS 4 port KVM I bought in anticipation of using it with the Tinypilot. So I've hooked it up, and added a powered HDMI splitter. I've booted and it's all looking good - but a couple of issues pres...

Technical SupportJ82021-08-27 20:17:52.614Z
TinyPilot on normal computer hardware, Keyboard issues

Hello I couldn't afford the TinyPilot gear but I did buy the HDMI USB capture card I've got TinyPilot software installed and I can see the KVM with target screen fine, that part works ok I couldn't get the keyboard working properly and I did some inv...

GeneralJ32021-08-26 16:58:08.153Z

This is the error i get for https on my TinyPilot. Is there anyway to make this go away?

Technical SupportN12021-08-24 21:17:00.002Z
Latency issues

I hooked up a GoPro to the hdmi input on the pilot and I’m getting a lot of latency in the video transmission. Could it be the camera itself, and do you have any suggestions for ways to minimize the latency in the system?

GeneralM12021-08-24 19:14:12.191Z
Activate keyboard

Hello, first of all, thanks for the build :) I installed it on a PI rev B with power adapter 2A :( I have the screen, the icon "connected" but when I click on the keyboard nothing happens. Did I miss something ? Many thanks

GeneralJJ82021-08-16 12:34:24.259Z
TinyPilot Voyager didnt come with TinyPilot pro preinstalled?

Hi, My boss ordered a tinypilot voyager for us, but it didnt have tinypilot pro preinstalled, where can we download this image? Br Jacob

GeneralTT22021-08-16 08:26:58.297Z
Virtual drive - select cdrom or removable media

With a cdrom virtual image, windows suggests formatting the device, boot fails. Please add a choice between cdrom and removable media. Works with PiKVM selection cdrom instead of flash.

GeneralCB102021-08-11 22:16:33.769Z
microSD image

Hi Michael, I suspect a corrupted image due to user error. Can I request the latest TinyPilot microSD image?

General112021-08-11 18:31:09.112Z
TinyPilot Pro questions

First off great concept =) and amazing all things we can do with Pis. What is the planned yearly price to keep updates after buying the license? Is the pro setup to configure for remote IP connection? I know the std you can do it but have to add a do...

GeneralS32021-08-05 19:23:49.760Z
Right way to set TLS certificates

Hello, I'm looking for the instruction on how to set TLS certs in the right way (without CA). I'm using my own CA that is configured as trusted on all devices, so, I only want to set the TLS keys for the tinypilot itself w/o providing the CA. I tried...

GeneralF72021-08-04 21:17:42.562Z
Control via API

Hello, Is it possible to connect servers via E-SDS 8 Port HDMI KVM Switch to TinyPilot and control them via API (e.g. reset)?

Technical SupportA32021-08-04 20:47:01.522Z
Hide the TinyPilot Settings dropdown menu in the browser interface

Hello - is there a way to hide the settings menu in the TinyPilot admin bar in the browser. I dont want anyone to change any settings menu as they access the TinyPilot

GeneralJ212021-08-04 20:42:16.521Z
Video issue - certain pixels and colors corrupt image

So, I have been running into this issue a handful of times and I think I have isolated the cause. For whatever reason, a certain pixel/color array will corrupt the image from that point on. Not the whole image, just from that point to the end of the ...

Technical SupportDD62021-08-04 18:43:40.985Z
No keyboard/mouse only at Filevault login screen

I've been playing with the hobbyest kit and have had no issues with a few linux systems. I had a friend get the Voyager for use with a headless Mac Mini she has. The keyboard and mouse don't work until we get past the filevault login screen. Kind of ...

Technical SupportBSC2112021-08-03 19:03:17.880Z
Not able to boot from virtual media

Hello, I have recently purchased a Tinypilot Pro and I am attempting to use the virtual media feature to install Windows 10 on a Dell Optiplex 9020 desktop. I was able to upload the latest Windows 10 ISO and "mount" it, but for whatever reason I am u...

GeneralDG42021-07-30 02:44:42.398Z
Mouse and Keybord does not move over wan

I have a single laptop that i would like to access from internet time to time. All settings are good with the firewall but I can not click or move mouse when I am trying to connect over wan. When I am within my home network (thats where tinypilot is ...

GeneralN12021-07-28 22:31:29.649Z
Shipping Couriers

Hi, Do you offer shipping with another courier other than USPS, such as FedEx? USPS sometimes has issues delivering packages to my office.

General112021-07-28 22:00:14.651Z
Enable HTTPS

Hi, I bought the hobbies kit and I was able to assemble it together and start testing it. Is there any documentation on how to enable https?

Technical SupportNN22021-07-27 22:55:09.480Z
USB Mag Card Reader

I have a device that requires the use of a USB Card reader to access the application. Can Tiny Pilot pass the card swipe remotely to the device? Example is if I have the USB card reader installed on the remote PC with the tiny pilot browser open. Can...

GeneralBB22021-07-27 22:43:01.016Z
Forward kb & mouse input from remote desktop?

If I remotely connect to a Windows PC using M$ Remote Desktop, then access TinyPilots web-controls on that client PC to control a different PC, then will the KB+mouse movements be forwarded to the different PC the same as if I was physically providin...

Technical SupportMM22021-07-26 19:30:22.350Z
Shipping to Europe

Hi. I live in Europe (Sweden). My understanding is that you ship TinyPilot from the United States. Does the calculated price with shipping include the import taxes + VAT of the destination country?

GeneralLL22021-07-26 18:48:33.850Z
TinyPilot Voyager Not Booting Up Properly

I recently purchased a TinyPilot Voyager and I followed the instructions properly from this website to set it up. However, I am only getting a red light upon connecting the TinyPilot Voyager to power and ethernet. I suspect the image is corrupted bec...

Technical SupportR12021-07-26 18:45:07.210Z
Possible bug? Upload ISO from local PC method.

It seems to be some issue with the upload of ISO from the local PC to TinyPilot, which sometime it works, and sometime it doesn't. Tried to use different browser (switching between Chrome, Firefox and Edge), clearing the session, reboot and retry, ch...

Technical SupportN52021-07-23 20:40:43.938Z
Does TinyPilot support dual or multi-monitor setups?

I often have to work on machines remotely that have dual or multiple monitors. Does TinyPilot support this function? Thanks.

GeneralMBP272021-07-23 18:38:52.974Z
Upgrade Issue

Michael, Tried to update to the latest version from July 2021 got an error on the Web UI so went to command line and tried /opt/tinypilot/scripts/upgrade IT failed as well become: true become_method: sudo roles: - role: tinypilot.tinypilot-pro' ansib...

GeneralG22021-07-21 19:10:41.983Z
boot from remote without pro

This device looks very promising! Congratulations. I have a couple of questions before buying it: Once the pro license expires. Is it possible to boot the target computer with something in the remote computer? Can I still use the images I had uploade...

Technical SupportO12021-07-21 18:49:11.803Z