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    GeneralK22022-05-31 19:06:11.448Z
    Unable to access using Web Browser.
    I have the TinyPilot Voyager 2 POE. Unable to access using Web Browser. Tried using: https://tinypilot/ https://tinypilot.local/ https://tinypilot.localdomain/ also the DHCP assigned IP
      Technical SupportND52022-07-05 21:38:37.256Z
      Connect local monitor and keyboard
      Is it possible to have a local monitor and keyboard (via usb) on the Voyager 2? I want to be able to connect a monitor to the unit along with a keyboard while still being able to get to it via network for control?
        Technical SupportAD22022-07-05 18:58:09.701Z
        Keyboard + Mouse do not work
        Hi, trying to use this in a non standard setup I would assume. I have my Raspberry Pi connected to a KVM switch I have. The video is being shown, but no keystrokes go through. I can take a picture of the connector if you want, but my assumption was t...
          GeneralMCDL92022-07-05 00:40:58.586Z
          Voyager Display Audio/3.5mm port
          I know that TinyPilot does not stream audio to the browser. However I noticed it creates a display audio output (presumably the HDMI port?) and there is also a 3.5mm jack on the device. Do these do anything at this time? It would be perfect if I coul...
            GeneralAK2JD82022-07-04 22:44:05.347Z
            TinyPilot Cloud Feedback
            We're currently designing TinyPilot Cloud, a service that gives you secure, remote access to your TinyPilot device from anywhere in the world. We'd love to hear your feedback! What features do you want to see in TinyPilot Cloud? What questions do you...
              GeneralLMSD62022-07-01 23:00:09.892Z
              Web Interface No Longer Working
              Hey, I have a Voyager 2 PoE, that I purchased a month ago (5/17/22). I have been using it, and its been working very well. I always use the web UI to shut down the unit before i unplug PoE and relocate the Voyager 2 to a new location. about 2 weeks a...
                Technical SupportJOD102022-07-01 22:53:37.119Z
                Power splitter doesn't give power to raspberrypi
                Hello. I love your project to control my home mac. I bought your power splitter to give more power to pi, but raspberrypi doesn't boot completely. In raspberrypi there light only green but not red. I found that that light means there is not enought p...
                  GeneralCCND122022-06-30 19:59:48.154Z
                  VGA not working on reboot
                  When we use the tinypilot with the VGA adapter, we get "NO SIGNAL" when the computer power up or reboots. However, if we boot up with a normal monitor on the VGA port of the computer and then switch to tinypilot (with VGA adapter) we get a display. O...
                    Technical SupportDD12022-06-28 22:37:14.933Z
                    No mouse when connecting TinyPilot via AIMOS KVM
                    When my TinyPilot is connected directly to a PC it works fine, but if I try to connect it via an AIMOS KVM as described in the KVM compatibility list (i.e. combined with HDMI splitter) the keyboard works but the mouse does not, the pointer jiggles ra...
                      Technical SupportDD142022-06-28 21:45:25.180Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Fresh install, no joy: Nginx error 502
                      Log file here: Error 502 on new install tinypilot [error] 394#394: *1 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream ... File "/opt/tinypilot/venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/dns/rdtypes...
                        Technical SupportK3DK342022-06-28 02:29:40.972Z
                        TinyPilot mouse and keyboard lattency too slow
                        I bought Tinypilot for more than 1 month now, I tried everything including enabling H264. I don't see any issue when the stream from the tiny pilot(remote computer ) to my computer, I played video on the remote computer, and I could compare 99% perfe...
                          Technical SupportMD92022-06-27 17:39:56.502Z
                          unable to share the screen in between laptops
                          I only got power adapter and tiny pilot device and a cable. I don’t know how to connect to share the other laptop screen. Do I have to buy any additional cables ?
                            Technical SupportRD32022-06-25 01:50:23.522Z
                            Possible to add a Mouse Jiggler?
                            Would like to be able to keep remote device awake that doesn't have typical "sleep" settings.
                              GeneralPT32022-06-24 19:32:55.897Z
                              TinyPilot w/ KVM Switch
                              I have tried to connect a cheap KVM switch (brand: PWAY) with hotkeys with TinyPilot together. The TinyPilot could not start up if the KVM Switch with HDMI signal (PC running). Then, unplug the KVM switch and it will boot up immediately. After the ne...
                                GeneralS12022-06-24 19:31:57.296Z
                                I just ordered the Voyage 2!
                                I'm curious what PoE HAT will be used in the Voyager 2 option coming in January? I know I won't likely be able to upgrade the one that i just ordered, but still very curious...
                                  GeneralG32022-06-22 16:26:01.989Z
                                  crash in tinypilot
                                  i have a tinypilot, it used to work fine with a vga converter, now the vga doesn't work and hdmi looks bad.
                                    Technical SupportJD52022-06-21 18:25:47.030Z
                                    web interface link not working
                                    Thank you for the tiny pilot, I purchased it but the web interface link you sent me does not work. Also how can i get it to connect if I am in another country. My primary reason for buying it was to set it up on a laptop in the US and access it from ...
                                      Technical SupportTD32022-06-20 17:11:41.540Z
                                      Can sound be included over HDMI?
                                      I just received my TinyPilot today, and it works great! I am connecting to a MacBook Pro 13” M1, and everything works as expected. I had just one question. Is it possible to include sound over the HDMI link? Certainly sound can be transmitted via HDM...
                                        IdeasLDT12022-06-18 16:40:30.829Z
                                        TinyPilot freezes after mounting virtual media
                                        Hi! I am having some trouble when mounting virtual media on Lenovo Thinkcentre M70q computers with the Voyager 2 When I mount an ISO file (both in flash and CD-ROM modes), the video freezes, and it seems to me (but it is hard to confirm because of th...
                                          Technical SupportD2D42022-06-17 21:02:27.159Z
                                          Factory Reset
                                          Hello, My name is Jacob. We were sent a KVM to test so we can try and sell it on our website I set up a username and a password and for some reason it will not let me log in. However I do not have the order number to download the voyager2 SD ...
                                            Technical SupportJ12022-06-14 18:31:47.218Z
                                            No video with VGA to HDMI
                                            When I connect a pc with the VGA to HDMI I get "NO SIGNAL". It works for the same PC on the HDMI port. The VGA to HDMI works with a different monitor. I tried 3 different brands of HDMI cables. The VGA to HDMI a...
                                              Technical SupportZD32022-06-14 16:33:34.517Z
                                              No signal with VGA adaptor - keyboard and mouse works fine.
                                              Hi, I have just received the "tiny pilot" together with the VGA to HDMI adaptor. I keep getting "NO SIGNAL" on a black background when connecting. Keyboard and mouse works fine. I experience the same with 3 different VGA outputs/sources. I have succe...
                                                Technical SupportKD42022-06-14 15:38:34.897Z
                                                Debian USB issues, no keyboard mouse
                                                I've been unable to get keyboard and mouse working when connecting to a Debian PC. The dmesg output from the PC is below and seems to indicate an issue with addressing. Any help would be appreciated
                                                  Technical SupportAD132022-06-13 19:46:09.461Z
                                                  H264 install issue, how to check if installed
                                                  Hi, I attempted to install H264 but got a message in terminal that connection to the network was unexpectedly terminated. And I did not get a "done" message after some libraries were being installed. How can I check whether H264 was installed?
                                                    Technical SupportA2D22022-06-13 19:40:24.078Z
                                                    What Would Happen if power was plugged into the Data Port on the Device.
                                                    Thanks in Advance. We are planning on deploying The Tiny Pilot to several clients who may not be tech savvy. If they were to mistakenly plug the power into the data port of the device, would this ruin the device, or does the device have protection to...
                                                      GeneralEF32022-06-13 19:25:25.146Z
                                                      No Video out
                                             I've tried different USB to HDMI adapters as well as reducing the resolution on the desktop. I don't get Video Out. :/
                                                        Technical SupportBD32022-06-09 19:26:46.678Z
                                                        How would the dns name tinypilot be resolved?
                                                        I am just curious how that would work, given the instructions say: With your TinyPilot booted, you can now access the TinyPilot web interface from any device on your local network by visiting one of the following URLs: https://tinypilot/ https://tin...
                                                          Technical SupportLD12022-06-08 19:32:12.730Z
                                                          Lag after some use
                                                          Hi, for some reason my tinypilot ( latest version POE ) becomes very laggy after being in use for around 1h. In order to fix it I need to turn it off( removing AC and Network cable [I have both connected]. Initially I only had it connected to the POE...
                                                            Technical SupportSD42022-06-08 19:05:29.415Z
                                                            Wake on Lan not working; can't wake target computer when it sleeps or shuts down
                                                            I discovered the Wake on Lan feature after reading this thread: can't wake computer using mouse/keyboard I followed the instructions, but WoL isn't allowing me to wake or turn on my target computer. Also, when I physically push the power button to po...
                                                              Technical SupportSD12022-06-02 19:10:04.380Z
                                                              Mouse and keyboard don't work, and No Signal when target computer sleeps
                                                              I'm just setting up my TinyPilot. I can see my target MacBook's screen in the web interface. But I can't control it from the web interface. On my target computer, I made sure mirror mode was turned off, and that the TP was set as the Main Display in ...
                                                                Technical SupportSD32022-06-02 18:55:19.802Z
                                                                Samsung Phone
                                                                Good Morning, Just received my TinyPilot and was excited to use it with my phone. I have a samsung S10 and using a USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter ( Everything i...
                                                                  Technical SupportMD82022-06-02 17:11:42.883Z
                                                                  Error when updating from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1
                                                                  In the UI, it shows error: The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 128. In SSH, when I run this command, I get this error: pilot@tinypilot:~/ngrok $ sudo /opt/tinypilot-privileged/update...
                                                                    Technical SupportTDF72022-06-01 15:37:11.386Z
                                                                    How can I get the MAC address of the TinyPilot?
                                                                    Hello everyone I've just go the voyager 2 device and I'm trying to get to the web interface. IPs in our network are mac-based. devices do not get an IP unless DHCP knows their MAC address. How can I get the MAC address of the tinypilot? Thank you
                                                                      Technical SupportGD32022-06-01 14:34:59.023Z
                                                                      Can't access TinyPilot web interface during first setup
                                                                      It sounds like this might be the same issue mentioned in this thread, but I'm not sure: can't connect Here's what I've done so far: Plugged ethernet into TP. The ethernet port currently has a flashing green light on the left, and a solid orange light...
                                                                        Technical SupportSD72022-05-30 23:45:58.874Z
                                                                        Fan is starting to fail
                                                                        I've had the tiny pilot for several months. This morning I noticed a grinding noise which turned out to be the TinyPilot. Is this covered by warranty? if not, are there specs for the fan that I can order a replacement?
                                                                          Technical SupportSDJ32022-05-29 22:58:55.754Z
                                                                          accessing my home desktop at work
                                                                          hello. so i bought this kvm because it looked cool and i need to access my home desktop at work sometimes. but i have a problem, how can i access it at work without setting up a vpn? because my work computer is always on a diffrent vpn(maybe whitelis...
                                                                            Technical SupportTDT52022-05-28 03:47:24.544Z
                                                                            Scrambled image on tinypilot voyager v2
                                                                            Hello, I just received a tinypilot voyager v2 and am having difficulties. Followed the instructions, but can't get the video signal to work. See screenshot. I double-checked the cable and confirmed that it works properly using a regular monitor. Woul...
                                                                              Technical SupportCD22022-05-27 19:12:57.383Z
                                                                              "Log Out" does nothing on 2.4.1
                                                                              I'm running 2.4.1 (with h.264 enabled) and have noticed since upgrading that selecting "Log Out" from the TinyPilot System Menu, it does nothing (ie doesn't log out). Is this isolated to me or is it happening to others?
                                                                                Technical SupportS2D22022-05-25 23:11:31.349Z
                                                                                2.4.1 H264
                                                                                Hello there :) I see that experimental support was added for H264 streaming, but I don't see any way to enable it in the GUI. I'm guessing it's done over SSH and if so, how? Thanks!
                                                                                  Technical SupportN2LDS132022-05-23 13:16:06.019Z