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im trying to see whether wireguard is more tolerable than my current tailscale setup i have the tinypilot connected to to a glinet mt3000 that has wireguard setup. technically that should be the setup. can access mt3000 but i cannot access tinypilot ...
    GeneralMC32023-02-21 20:23:31.461Z
    Change DHCP client ID
    We have more than one TinyPilot Voyager 2 and would like to use them at the same time in our private network. How can we change the DHCP client ID on at least one of these so they don't clash with each other when requesting a DNHP IP address?
      GeneralS12023-02-21 12:34:03.238Z
      The cooling fan on my TinyPilot has started making a lot of noise. I can unplug it and let it cool down to room temperature, it is quiet when it starts again but then gets noisy after an hour or so. Is there a fix?
        Technical SupportDT52023-02-20 15:44:11.739Z
        How do I DNS resolve (view only) from a mobile device (LAN)
        Hi. I cannot get past being able to view (only .. I know input isn’t supported) from iOS when on the same LAN. For example : decide name “tiny” tiny/ http://tiny/ But an IP address works: Chrome reports this when attempting to get there...
          Technical SupportACA42023-02-19 19:53:16.335Z
          Majority of keyboard keys don't work for a while
          I'm running the current version of TinyPilot on a Rpi4 with 32-bit pi os.. When I go to the kvm site, hardly any of the keyboard keys work.. Backspace, *, and / work fine but nothing else.. ctrl-alt-del also works.. Here is the strange part, if I let...
            Technical SupportTCT82023-02-17 12:36:51.338Z
            NO SIGNAL
            67 YEAR OLD "NEW GUY"..using all new components on a raspberry pi 4. tried two computers..swapped all compnents except for the short segment from the USBTO THE HDMI CABLE. NEW USB TO HDMI coming tomorrow, I have the dump file and don't know where to ...
              Technical SupportS42023-02-16 12:08:59.061Z
              Is Audio streaming possible on Voyager 2?
              Can i replace my current TinyPilot with TinyPilot Voyager 2a so i can have Audio streaming?
                Technical SupportAC52023-02-16 10:19:32.518Z
                New TinyPilot, question about upgrading
                I just recieved my new TinyPilot yesterday. I (of course) checked to see if there were any updates needed and it says there is an update to the latest version, but in order to take full advantage of the new features I would need to do a factory reset...
                  Technical SupportJC62023-02-15 20:05:12.091Z
                  Connection refused
                  Hi, I have been using my TinyPilot for last 6 month, and then last week without any changes I could not connect to it. device gets IP address from DHCP server and I can ping it but on Web GUI and SSH connection it give me refused connection error. an...
                    Technical SupportACA42023-02-15 14:30:09.044Z
                    Change mouse positioning from relative to absolute?
                    Hi. I am now testing 2 TinyPilots connected to 2 machines. On one machine, the mouse positioning is absolute. On the second, the mouse positioning is relative -- I've been using both for a few days and so I know it's not lag and probably not user err...
                      Technical SupportTT262023-02-15 11:35:21.314Z
                      Explain icons...
                      TinyPilot audio upgrade path?
                      Hello. I currently have the TinyPilot Voyager 2 and would love to be able to stream audio using the latest 2.5.3 update. Is there any upgrade path to do so without having to buy a whole new unit, even unofficial? I'd much rather buy a $100 part than ...
                        Technical SupportNLC62023-02-15 11:14:20.234Z
                        NetGear Router Blocks TinyPilot H.264 Traffic over Internet WAN
                        Hi All. After troubleshooting using TinyPilot over an internet connection, I was only getting an MJPEG feed, and it was impossible to get H.264 video unless i was connected to my office's on-site LAN or connected via company VPN. I discovered that th...
                          Technical SupportAC12023-02-14 16:03:30.563Z
                          Weird bios issue with HP Z640 Workstation
                          I'm having a weird issue with the BIOS on an HP Z640 Workstation. Everytime I try to change a setting on the bios, the tinypilot screen freezes and/or the keyboard stop working. I can't even issue a crtl+alt+del to reboot, I have to power the PC off ...
                            Technical SupportRP52023-02-13 19:50:48.906Z
                            Not getting screen image
                            Hi I am not getting screen image on my client laptop. It seems all keyboard commands are being responded to ok by the server laptop but I am not seeing the screen on my client laptop. I have changed it with a working tinypilot and everything seems to...
                              Technical SupportSCS42023-02-13 15:07:43.949Z
                              Update Failed
                              I am facing latency issues, and would love to get the latest update to version 2.5.0. But when I try to update it, I get a failed to update error. These are my logs:
                                Technical Support1C42023-02-13 12:54:36.646Z
                                Online demo
                                Is there anyway to get/see/obtain an inline demo ?
                                  Technical SupportP12023-02-13 12:34:00.438Z
                                  Certificate Not recognized
                                  Hello! Just got my TinyPilot and everything works great, except I can't get the cert to work as expected. I follow all directions for installing the cert on Windows (including placing it in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities), but I still see...
                                    Technical SupportAC32023-02-12 20:08:15.332Z
                                    stability of sd card?
                                    Just found the TinyPilot. Looks like just what I am searching for. I do have one concern, the long term stability of using an SD card for the OS. I say this because about 8 years ago I put a Pi (running Raspian) in use to do some snmp samples. It ran...
                                      GeneralLC12023-02-12 19:35:11.058Z
                                      Hostname change with https
                                      Hi, I recently changed the hostname. After reboot, the web page will no longer come up presumably due to a certificate issue. I have http disabled. How can I enable http via the cli? I really don’t need https anymore because I now use an ssh tunnel t...
                                        Technical SupportV42023-02-10 12:15:50.392Z
                                        502 Bad Gateway
                                        We purchased a Voyager and it's at a remote site. After a failed update we were met with this when attempting to log into it: "502 Bad Gateway". I've had someone manually power cycle the device and still seeing the same error. I can see it on the net...
                                          Technical SupportJCJ62023-02-09 16:49:33.771Z
                                          Use tailscale keyboard to double click
                                          I’m using tail scale to view my Remote Desktop using my phone. I can see the pointer but I’m wondering if there is a keyboard stroke that i could use to double click since i can’t double click using my phone screen
                                            Technical SupportJ12023-02-09 12:58:49.769Z
                                            Not a problem but a question: what's the difference between Voyager 2a and 2?
                                            What's the difference between TinyPilot Voyager 2a and TinyPilot Voyager 2? I tried Googling and looking for any blog post announcement as well as reviewed the product page, but didn't see any comparisons or announced changes in 2a relative to 2. Thanks
                                              Technical SupportTC12023-02-08 22:49:17.399Z
                                              No signal with VGA adaptor - keyboard and mouse works fine.
                                              Hi, I have just received the "tiny pilot" together with the VGA to HDMI adaptor. I keep getting "NO SIGNAL" on a black background when connecting. Keyboard and mouse works fine. I experience the same with 3 different VGA outputs/sources. I have succe...
                                                Technical SupportKN62023-02-08 12:40:38.933Z
                                                Can't send keyboard-mouse input to target machine
                                                Current machine = Macbook Pro Target machine = the machine I want to remotely control, a desktop PC. I have set-up TinyPilot with my target machine and can access it via IP address in a web browser using TailScale. Here's what I see:
                                                  Technical SupportT32023-02-07 12:05:35.970Z
                                                  Update failed from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0
                                                  I can't update the tinypilot The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/scripts/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2. Please advise, Alexander
                                                    Technical SupportA2C32023-02-06 22:30:46.381Z
                                                    MSI Bios is completely unusable
                                                    When booting into the bios on an MSI X570-A PRO, the interface essentially becomes completely unusable. I managed to get it into the advanced -> config mode using the keyboard, but then even that became unresponsive quickly. This is the first time us...
                                                      Technical SupportCMT72023-02-06 20:19:48.008Z
                                                      can't connect
                                                      I have just installed tinypilot. It i visible on the router, but I can't connect via https://tinypilot.local or https://tinypilot If there is no way to connect to it, then I can't begin to troubleshoot
                                                        GeneralS2T182023-02-06 19:20:07.905Z
                                                        Refund Request
                                                        Hi, I have not been able to get the TinyPilot Voyager 2 PoE up and working. For $474.81, I hoped for a seamless solution. Forum-based support has not been responsive enough and unfortunately, I don't have much time to wrestle with this since I need t...
                                                          Technical SupportTT42023-02-06 17:37:26.377Z
                                                          Audio streaming
                                                          Hello, I installed the tinypilot and so far it's been great. I use it to remote control a work laptop at the office from home. I was wondering if there is a way to stream the audio/microphone so that I would be able to also take calls from the work l...
                                                            GeneralFVTMC122023-02-06 17:20:22.415Z
                                                            enable SSH
                                                            Hi, my SSH access was disabled and unable to enable back. may i know how to enable it? thanks!
                                                              Technical SupportOC52023-02-06 17:14:10.375Z
                                                              H.264 fail
                                                              I'm getting this error when trying to switch to H.264. I've tried disabling and re-enabling it then rebooting, but same issue. "TinyPilot failed to stream video output from your target device using H.264 compression." How can I fix this? Logs link: h...
                                                                Technical SupportS112023-02-06 15:16:33.146Z
                                                                No mouse when connecting TinyPilot via AIMOS KVM
                                                                When my TinyPilot is connected directly to a PC it works fine, but if I try to connect it via an AIMOS KVM as described in the KVM compatibility list (i.e. combined with HDMI splitter) the keyboard works but the mouse does not, the pointer jiggles ra...
                                                                  Technical SupportD2T162023-02-06 12:38:53.312Z
                                                                  2.4.1 H264
                                                                  Hello there :) I see that experimental support was added for H264 streaming, but I don't see any way to enable it in the GUI. I'm guessing it's done over SSH and if so, how? Thanks!
                                                                    Technical SupportNLDS132023-02-04 08:37:22.087Z
                                                                    Can we use Tiny Pilot for IPAD Remote Control ?
                                                                    Hello, If i connect my Ipad with USB C Hub with HDMI, Keyboard & Mouse Output and connect same to Tiny Pilot it will work ? My main purpose is to remote control and monitor of IPAD Installed at remote location. Thankx in advance .. Regards, Vipul
                                                                      Technical SupportP2BC92023-02-02 17:51:12.730Z
                                                                      Alt-Tab leaves remote system as if Alt is still pressed
                                                                      First I love being able to work on my 2nd machine within a window on my primary desktop. Thank you. [edit: I am running in Chrome's "create shortcut" app mode, if that matters.] But when I use Alt-Tab (yes, I am an long-time keyboard user) to switch ...
                                                                        Technical SupportFRA292023-02-02 17:31:25.686Z
                                                                        Tiny Pilot to Raritan KVM
                                                                        I just purchased a TinyPilot Voyager 2 in hopes of using it with our Raritan Dominion KXII.. I had no issue setting the unit up. I did purchase the VGA to HDMI adapter and plugged that into the Raritan KVM. I can see the main menu and the keyboard an...
                                                                          Technical SupportC52023-02-02 17:17:12.982Z
                                                                          Error when connecting in browser
                                                                          Using Tinypilot voyager with Tailscale on ethernet cable over IP. Was working before that, but was having internet issues. Any ideas what happened or how to fix? Getting before the login page should be popuping. instead get this: {"code":null,"messag...
                                                                            Technical SupportTC82023-02-02 02:24:26.236Z
                                                                            Keyboard not working
                                                                            Hello Guys, We've bought TiniPilot2 for about 6 months ago, but we never were satisfied. The keyboard simply crashes in BIOS, in different Linux systems like Centos 7, Almalinux 8 and others. Also a lot of video glitches. I don't understand why so, b...
                                                                              Technical SupportAC32023-02-02 01:53:06.058Z
                                                                              Can I use the tinypilot as a wifi hotspot?
                                                                              i dont have wifi enabled yet, but im curious, as opposed to connecting to the tinypilot's wifi ssd (presumably)is there a way to feed an ethernet cable from a router with internet, or a computer, into tinypilot, and have my tinypilot , which has tail...
                                                                                Technical SupportMC32023-02-02 01:42:44.210Z
                                                                                Using tinypilot voyager 2 with multiple computers
                                                                                I need to connect 3 computers and use them remotely. Do I need to get 3 Voyager 2 units, or can I use one unit to control each of the three computers from my tablet?
                                                                                  Technical SupportZC72023-02-02 01:36:14.804Z