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Failed to Complete Update
Coming from 2.4.1 Recent fresh install. Pro version. Voyager 2 The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2.
    Technical SupportN32022-10-04 19:08:32.620Z
    New install of TinyPilot - USB failing
    Hello, I have searched around the forums but haven't encountered this issue. I bought the items from the do-it-yourself page (including the USB data/power splitter) as I already had a Pi model 4 b lying around. Once I had all the items I formatted th...
      Technical SupportAA32022-10-03 23:41:01.598Z
      Device is not turning on
      My new tinypilot is not powering on . Please help .
        Technical SupportM52022-10-03 18:36:42.854Z
        Display not clear enough to be readable.
        hi first of all I want to thank you for such a wonderful project and product. I will come straight to the point. I have setup a POC of the tinypilot and using h264 configuration connecting it to my HP laptop. Display is not very clear/blurry on tinyp...
          Technical SupportAKA42022-10-01 03:25:21.079Z
          "No Signal" when connected to Xbox Series X
          No video is appearing when I hook a voyager 2 up to an Xbox Series X. I'm able to connect the voyager 2 to a PC without a problem and the Xbox works when connected to a TV. Is this an HDCP issue?
            Technical SupportA72022-09-30 11:11:07.061Z
            Access Tiny Pilot set static IP
            How can I set Static IP on TP
              Technical SupportR12022-09-27 16:40:55.023Z
              No LAN Connection on New Device
              Hi, Just received a TinyPliot KVM, plugged in, the device received an IP from DHCP but will not respond to anything. Tried the following: -Rebooted -checked cable -SSH'ed -All URLS no work -ping local IP no response I am no the same subnet so there i...
                Technical SupportMM22022-09-26 19:35:16.968Z
                Installing H264 issues
                Hello When I try to install the H264 video, I do get an error. Please see the error below TASK [ansible-role-janus-gateway : Clone janus-gateway] **************************************************************** fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"change...
                  Technical SupportJ112022-09-26 14:30:03.758Z
                  TinyPilot 2 w/ unusable, 60sec+ per mousemove / keystrokes
                  I've installed a new TinyPilot Voyager 2 over wifi (not ideal, I know, but it worked well enough testing locally and there was no hardwire near the computer needing the KVM). It worked locally, and initial testing (at home) worked slower but acceptab...
                    Technical SupportD22022-09-26 12:55:03.839Z
                    TinyPilot Voyager 2 hdmi output seems to be intermittent
                    Hi there, I just received TinyPilot2 and been setting it up. I always have a hard time with the HDMI display (it's hdmi to hdmi) on multiple devices (a nuc, 2 laptops, a desktop) and multiple combination of cable brand (i have tried 8 different brand...
                      Technical SupportR42022-09-22 21:25:59.881Z
                      Explain icons...
                      TinyPilot Voyager 2 just quit working
                      I have been successfully using (and loving) my TinyPilot Voyager 2 for a while now and all of a sudden, I am not able to access it. I have tried to ping it with no response. I followed steps in: TinyPilot not getting an IP address? without success. I...
                        Technical SupportD42022-09-22 12:40:05.501Z
                        Will not connect
                        After following Tiny Pilot website instructions the device failed to connect to anything. No Ethernet lights, no activity light and no functioning monitor, keyboard or mouse. Only solid red light and fan show any indication of life.
                          Technical SupportH12022-09-21 11:45:37.033Z
                          Technical SupportJ02022-09-21 03:55:30.989Z
                          Need to Disable Keyboard for DVR
                          Thanks to David, I've now got my TinyPilot working great. However, the DVR it's connected to can only use a mouse input, and it appears the keyboard signal may be causing the mouse control to choke. Is there a simple way to disable the TinyPilot USB ...
                            Technical SupportK32022-09-16 18:40:04.280Z
                            TinyPilot connected to network but cannot reach the user interface
                            Hello! I can no longer reach the tinypilot user interface in my browser despite the device appearing to be normal. My home network configuration tool shows "tinypilot" as a DHCP client with a local address. I can ping that address and receive a respo...
                              Technical SupportA32022-09-16 18:02:06.175Z
                              Another Keyboard Issue
                              I received my TinyPilot and was happy with the build and ease of connecting. I first tried it out on a laptop (Elitebook 850) and immediately encountered what is probably a lilitation outside of TinyPilot's control. When booting, there doesn't seem t...
                                Technical SupportR12022-09-16 14:35:17.128Z
                                Keyboard not working but mouse does
                                We have recently purchased the TinyPilot Voyager 2 and it seems to mostly work, except the attached computer is not receiving keyboard input, neither from the virtual keyboard or a physical (remote) keyboard. All USB cables are attached as directed, ...
                                  Technical SupportA2A222022-09-15 16:31:16.000Z
                                  TinyPilot Voyager Not Booting Up Properly
                                  I recently purchased a TinyPilot Voyager and I followed the instructions properly from this website to set it up. However, I am only getting a red light upon connecting the TinyPilot Voyager to power and ethernet. I suspect the image is corrupted bec...
                                    Technical SupportRF32022-09-15 04:57:08.405Z
                                    CS2 Resolution - No Signal
                                    I've come from over 30 years in the DOS and Windows world, and a newbie to Raspberry pi/Linux/Unix(and variants). I built the TinyPilot KVM with the Pi 4 and GeekWorm CS2 camera module to manage my security camera DVR. I tested it with my laptop, and...
                                      Technical SupportK92022-09-12 12:45:14.179Z
                                      TinyPilot Display is Broken
                                      Hi I recently setup the Tiny Pilot Voyage 2 into my target Computer, however I could not get a proper image shown in the tinypilot website. I had restarted the TP, changed a new HDMI but the problem still persists. Please give me some solutions on th...
                                        Technical SupportY142022-09-06 13:20:39.823Z
                                        TinyPilot and Optiplex 9020M differences
                                        tinypilot when connected to an Optiplex 9020M has problems: 1.- display Bios settings f2 and f5 system test is OK 2.- Linux Boot options screen not displaying and Linux Rockylinux does not display 3.- Virtual media does not work 4.- Keyboard and Mous...
                                          Technical SupportM242022-09-04 23:08:49.590Z
                                          setting a static IP address on the TinyPilot Voyager 2
                                          I am referecing: In the Putty session I enter the following commands and then hit the enter key shown by --> export TINYPILOT_STATIC_IP="" export ROUTERS="" export DNS="${ROUTERS} 1....
                                            Technical SupportS12022-09-02 12:11:01.372Z
                                            Wake On LAN - Saved List
                                            Hi, I'm hoping this is something that can be added. I have a handful of servers and devices that support WOL. After a power outage or scheduled shutdown, it would be great to be able to have their MAC address along with a friendly name in a saved lis...
                                              IdeasS12022-08-31 14:35:42.198Z
                                              No data for Tiny Pilot
                                              Using Tiny Pilot is not getting any data over it connection. I have tried to change cables and updating the Tiny Pilot. In windows the Tiny Pilot is giving a code 43 error and when I go to get debug all is says is "write error: No space left on device".
                                                Technical SupportA282022-08-26 23:39:13.724Z
                                                Update error
                                                When clicked "update" button from the menu, the below error message appears: Error: Failed to check latest available version: fatal: unable to access [redacted]: Couldn't connect to server Please help.
                                                  Technical SupportT32022-08-25 22:20:23.960Z
                                                  Feedback / Roadmap enquiries
                                                  Hi There, Recently got one of your KVMs from your re-seller in Germany for testing, I'm based in the UK. Firstly - When connecting to a standard PC or MAC via the TinyPilot, I thought the experience was great. I found the mouse movements much smoothe...
                                                    GeneralR42022-08-23 21:09:07.910Z
                                                    TinyPilot is not recognized as a mouse by the Mac Studio, but it still works.
                                                    Hey Tiny Pilot team, I've seen this issue reported a zillion times over, and I'm sorry to add another to the pile. I'm using a TinyPilot attached to a Mac Studio. This Mac is erased very frequently, and oftentimes during the install process the devic...
                                                      Technical SupportG72022-08-16 21:14:27.155Z
                                                      Mouse only moves fractional on Gigabyte BIOS
                                                      I use a Gigabyte Z690i DDR4 motherboard. When I put my mouse on the up left corner, the mouse on my remote machine is the same place. But when I move my mouse to the down right, it only moves about half of my actual movement. Therefore, when my mouse...
                                                        Technical SupportA212022-08-15 23:37:40.105Z
                                                        4G/Remote viewing
                                                        A bit in the realm of niche ideas but... I'm currently in a role where we frequently end up in a situation where the "hands" we have onsite aren't IT minded. If we could ship them a TinyPilot with a builtin 4G connection and some sort of remote conne...
                                                          IdeasR2CMT92022-08-15 23:29:39.448Z
                                                          Raspberry pi4 does not take keyboard inputs
                                                          Team, I installed the tiny pilot and follow the instructions. However I can see the video output but my mouse or keyboard inputs are not sent over to the laptop. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Can anyone p...
                                                            Technical SupportJ122022-08-15 23:24:09.552Z
                                                            DVI to HDMI no longer works after upgrade.
                                                            DVI to HDMI displays colored screen after tinypilot upgrade.
                                                              Technical SupportD12022-08-11 22:21:23.829Z
                                                              Falls off network ("Destination host unreachable")
                                                              Hi, my tinypilot (connected via WIFI, not ethernet) become unreachable via SSH every 72hrs and i found out that it is actually quite a common issue for rasp pi
                                                                Technical SupportO202022-08-10 23:07:52.777Z
                                                                Keyboard Mouyse not working, HDMI ok, tested on 2 computers, changed USB cables,
                                                                Hi, Just like the title says, I can't get any keystrokes or mouse pointer changes to work. I tried on a computer that was working just fine with TinyPilot (windows 10); restarted computer and raspberry pi many times, changed all usb cables and secure...
                                                                  Technical SupportDD32022-08-05 00:54:41.126Z
                                                                  Balena fails to create image
                                                                  I downloaded the image to do a factory reset, but when I try to cut the image to a SD Balena fails. I've tried on two different chips. I also put a request into Balena support but thought I would see if this problem was encountered by other Tinypilot...
                                                                    Technical SupportJ32022-08-04 20:39:13.989Z
                                                                    Mouse and Keyboard are not working
                                                                    Hello I found the mouse and Keyboard are not working, please help me asap ??? it is give me error message -? USB is not recognize
                                                                      Technical SupportS32022-08-04 00:44:12.960Z
                                                                      keyboard lag
                                                                      Hi - I'm so glad I bought a TinyPilot. I have a highly locked down corporate Windows laptop that I'm now able to integrate very nicely into my dual-monitor Mac world. My only struggle is that keyboard input is pretty slow. Keystrokes buffer up and ap...
                                                                        Technical SupportP72022-08-04 00:01:29.571Z
                                                                        Order number request
                                                                        Can't seem to find my order number? How do I retrieve it. I need to do a reset on the Tinypilot.
                                                                          Technical SupportJ12022-08-02 20:40:45.445Z
                                                                          How to fsck the root filesystem on a tinypilot bought from the website?
                                                                          I noticed the root filesystem on our tinypilot has errors, and it seems it's not been fixed at reboot. I had a look using dump2fs, and this is the result: root@tinypilot:~# dumpe2fs -h /dev/mmcblk0p2 dumpe2fs 1.44.5 (15-Dec-2018) Filesystem volume n...
                                                                            Technical SupportR232022-08-02 20:34:01.725Z
                                                                            Windows 98??
                                                                            I'm trying to setup TinyPilot on a Window 98 (no, that's not a typo!!) machine. I've got functional video and keyboard support working, but I cannot get the mouse to work. I suspect it may not like the mouse and the keyboard coming in on the same USB...
                                                                              Technical SupportDA82022-08-02 20:21:05.443Z
                                                                              Access browser within from tinypilot
                                                                              I have a hunch the answer to this is no but I'll ask anyway. Is there a way to allow a user to access the browser on the network that the Tinypilot is on at the remote location. I know the first response is why not just access the browser from the PC...
                                                                                Technical SupportJ42022-08-01 21:54:20.913Z