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No Signal - New Build Rasbperry Pi 4
Let me start by saying that I've run through most of the previous forum entries on the No Signal issue. I've created a shareable link of logs. I'm also attaching build details. This is the TinyPilot Hobbyist ver...
    Technical SupportG/42023-09-07 15:47:13.100Z
    Can not access TinyPilot web
    This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in tinypilot. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in tinypilot.local. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in t...
      Technical SupportY72023-09-07 12:33:51.805Z
      The database file is not compatible with the current version of the app.
      My WebUI is was returning: "{"code":null,"message":"The database file is not compatible with the current version of the app."}" I did a re-install with: curl -L[redacted]/ | sh && sudo reboot `` Now the when tryin...
        Technical Support8C/C52023-09-01 20:37:32.955Z
        Remote control mac book pro.
        Hello sir I am very new to the KVM space. Looking for suggestions. My requirement is below: I have a mac book pro and a HP windows laptop with a wireless mouse and keyboard in usa. HP windows laptop hosts a zoom call and share screen and grants contr...
          Technical SupportGC/C92023-08-31 20:39:30.483Z
          Technical SupportM22023-08-31 11:21:27.059Z
          Audio streaming with H264 and VGA/HDMI adapter
          I purchased a VGA to HDMI adapter along with my Tinypilot Voyager 2A. I am to get an HDMI machine to stream audio ok but if I use a machine with the VGA to HDMI adapter it doesn’t work most of the time. On a few occasions, it plays audio out of the b...
            Technical SupportR/72023-08-29 16:43:11.553Z
            Update - 8 Month Update
            Background: I use tinypilot to control 4 computers remotely. I have been doing this from my office, which is in a different room from the computers, as well as to use TailScale to remote in while away from home. I have been using this setup on my PC ...
              Technical SupportZ/12023-08-28 14:28:09.503Z
              Install wifi adapter driver on host through tinyp?
              I need to install a driver for a wifi adapter on the host computer that currently has no internet source. Is it possible to download the driver onto the tinyp and then get it to the host and installed through the tinyp? Or do I just need to connect t...
                Technical SupportSC/C72023-08-27 23:08:42.743Z
                Update SSL Error
                Hello, I just renewed my Tinypilot pro license so that I can reimage the raspberry pi but I am still getting this error when I try to update. "Error: Failed to request latest available version: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certific...
                  Technical SupportZC/C12023-08-27 22:43:34.784Z
                  Lessons learned from my use case
                  TinyPilot is awesome. We need it. But there are some shortcomings that will, I hope, be resolved eventually. Use case - I have 2 kids and I have to do things as a dad, yet I have to work. Tinypilot allows me to access my work computers from my Micros...
                    Technical SupportZCZ42023-08-25 20:01:46.192Z
                    Explain icons...
                    TinyPilot v2 screen flickering on macos? how to fix this
                    TinyPilot v2 screen flickering on macos? how to fix this. i have old of them v1 working fine
                      Technical SupportAR52023-08-25 18:09:11.337Z
                      Tiny pilot web UI not comming up.
                      Was working properly untill yesterday, suddenly the UI went down. Please help
                        Technical SupportG212023-08-25 06:09:07.818Z
                        I've got my Tinypilot Voyager last december via In my logs I now get messages about Under-Voltage. How is this possible? I'm using exactly the components that where shipped.. [ 6.875685] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005) [ 27.673651...
                          Technical SupportD102023-08-23 18:35:04.068Z
                          Upgrading 2.5.0 fails because of GPG Key error
                          Hi, I'm trying to update my Tinypilot pro from 2.5.0 to the latest version. I tried two times through the web interface and just got an error, so I tried again through ssh. Upgrading stops in the ansible step: TASK [ansible-role-ustreamer : check if...
                            Technical SupportD42023-08-23 17:52:30.677Z
                            Three critical improvements needed for the TinyPiloy Voyager 2a...
                            Being able to set a static IP address or switch to DHCP via TinyPilot's web browser UI. Can't believe this was not thought of. I know it can be done via command line but, come on guys, how hard would it be to add it to the UI? TinyPilot's inability t...
                              Ideas12023-08-22 12:15:50.439Z
                              How to connect TinyPilot Voyager 2a (non-PoE version) to a KVM switch so I can control multiple PCs?
                              Hi, I just purchased the TinyPiloy Voyager 2a (non-PoE version) and I want to somehow use it with my 4-port Tesmart KVM switch so I can have KVM access to multiple PCs that are connected to the Tesmart KVM. I read a few posts on how this can be done ...
                                Technical Support12023-08-22 11:45:32.592Z
                                HDMI issues after 2.6.0 re-flash
                                Hi, I just upgraded to 2.6.0 and now I'm having video issues that I wasn't before. It was working like 2 versions back (2.5.0?) and I had some issues going to the next level (2.5.5) so I went ahead and moved to 2.6.0 by doing a new 2.6.0 flash. Now t...
                                  Technical SupportI/22023-08-22 11:17:39.703Z
                                  PI Zero 2 OTG port no KB/Mouse
                                  I'm trying to move to an ultra portable tinypilot setup, currently using a pi4b with a USB HDMI capture adapter, and a USB C-to-A adapter cable to connect my modified USB cable for kb/mouse input to the connected computer. It all works great. I snagg...
                                    Technical SupportPC/C52023-08-21 12:49:03.424Z
                                    Brand new TinyPilot won't boot up -- flashing red power light
                                    I have a brand new TinyPilot. I cannot access it via Ethernet. There are no activity lights on the tinypilot or the router when I connect it to my router. I am using a cable that works with other devices. Also, there is a bright blinking red light an...
                                      Technical SupportTCT/C42023-08-17 16:03:25.493Z
                                      remote access /hide location
                                      Hi, i work from home using a company laptop but wish to travel outside the country using my personal laptop (leaving my work laptop at home) to access the company laptop. i wish to know if the company can check if accessing the device from another co...
                                        Technical SupportNC/C52023-08-17 11:13:21.780Z
                                        Need suggestions to complete update to version 2.5.4 from 2.5.0
                                        Can't update to version 2.5.4 from 2.5.0 1.- Did ++++++++ $ sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change Hit:1 buster InRelease Hit:2 buster InRelease Reading package li...
                                          Technical SupportMC/C22023-08-17 10:06:38.444Z
                                          I need some information on how does this KVM works on the work laptop.
                                          My work laptop is located in my house and I would like to travel out of the state without carrying a work laptop. But my office networking guys always monitor my location by checking my IP address and I cant use Team viewers or RDP or VPN routers to ...
                                            GeneralRFNC82023-08-16 15:24:47.454Z
                                            Technical SupportT92023-08-15 11:11:02.357Z
                                            Error in updating to from 2.5.0 to 2.5.4
                                            Getting the following error message when trying to do the update The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2.
                                              Technical SupportJ42023-08-14 14:24:36.449Z
                                              Voyager V2 vs v2a
                                              What would be reasons to upgrade from a working V2 to the V2a? I have the V2 for a few years without any real issues and was wondering whether the new version is significant enough to upgrade to. I didn't see anything that jumped out (other than the ...
                                                GeneralJJ22023-08-14 13:36:11.516Z
                                                Tinypilot scrambled video
                                                I'm having issues with the Tinypilot 2a when connected to a Dell PowerEdge R730 Server. It has some misalignment issues in BIOS and setup, but when the TrueNAS Scale OS is running its completely unreadble. Here is what I am seeing
                                                  GeneralK92023-08-11 18:15:24.299Z
                                                  Voyager2 not showing video
                                                  Hi, So I am testing my Voyager 2 with the HDMI-VGA adapter on a Dell Optiplex 7010. I am unable to get video going at all. I have also tried various HDMI to VGA adapter cables and even a Displayport to HDMI cable I have (that I know works). The Optip...
                                                    Technical SupportVAC82023-08-11 18:10:59.550Z
                                                    H264 working in LAN but failover to mjpeg in remote access via IP
                                                    I am getting following error while trying to use H264 format for video in Setting when accessing Tinypilot machine remotely(via IP). but H264 works fine when tinypilot machine accessed in LAN. Log Any suggestion?
                                                      Technical SupportSC/C42023-08-10 23:09:40.716Z
                                                      Can't get past "no signal"
                                                      Hi. I bought two identical laptops and wanted to use Tiny Pilot to set them up remotely. The first one worked just fine, but the second one never gets past "No signal". The setup uses the same cables (HDMI, USB, no adapters). When I connect HDMI to a...
                                                        Technical SupportYC/C42023-08-10 22:35:41.213Z
                                                        TinyPilot - info about ports
                                                        Hi, I need to remote control one desktop. Problem is that on laptop I have an application protected by one dongle which I want to use, but this application detect if you are trying to connect to my desktop with TeamViewer, Anydesk, RDP...etc and if t...
                                                          Technical SupportA12023-08-10 05:50:53.065Z
                                                          Can't access to tinypilot page
                                                          I upgraded tinypilot from version 2.5.3 to 2.5.4 These are steps what I did: re-flashed sd card with image file inserted card to tinypilot device and power it on After 3 mins, connected tinypilot device to laptop The first time, I could see sold red ...
                                                            Technical SupportP12023-08-10 05:47:36.005Z
                                                            Can't Connect Via Browser - Can Connect Via SSH - sudo nginx -t Shows Error
                                                            Hi, Things were working fine for the last 10+ days since I got the device. Today I powered down so I could move around the cabling. When I powered it back up I couldn't connect using the browser. I get a connection refused error. I can connect via SS...
                                                              Technical SupportB/72023-08-08 11:14:48.604Z
                                                              how to use TinyPilot to start a PC
                                                              Suppose I shut down my target computer. I wonder if there is a way to turn it on using the TinyPilot web interface? Thank you.
                                                                Technical SupportSC/C12023-08-08 01:04:25.694Z
                                                                Controlling USB HID Relay with TinyPilot for KVM Switching, CPU Restart, etc.
                                                                Just sharing some tweaking I've been doing with my TinyPilot stuff, with the hope it might help others. For context, I'm primarily a Windows user and not a Linux/Python/Ansible/Bash person, but I own a couple of Pis to learn on. I can usually read so...
                                                                  GeneralB/22023-08-03 17:54:13.523Z
                                                                  NO SIGNAL after ISO boot
                                                                  I have tried two different .iso images Ubuntu and AlmaLinux on SuperMicro hardware for testing once the boot to .iso is initiated from server's boot menu and the option selected to Install Ubuntu/AlmaLinux the video goes to NO SIGNAL mode. Here is lo...
                                                                    Technical SupportD/32023-08-03 11:58:08.492Z
                                                                    Make Tiny pilot have complete power on and reset via cables to the motherboard
                                                                    I don't see this kind of support mentioned anywhere it this something already supported?
                                                                      IdeasPB/22023-08-03 02:53:23.289Z
                                                                      How to improve Tinypilot + Tailscale connection quality aka reduce latency?
                                                                      Riding on the existing tips page: How do you measure your current speed or quality of connection? What are some tips on improving the connection quality? For example: a) I already turned my video to H254....
                                                                        Technical SupportFC12023-08-02 12:19:10.041Z
                                                                        Power Control/Switching
                                                                        Hi, Using the TinyPilot but wanted some power control for one of my servers (it doesnt have IPMI unfortunately, its a consumer motherboard) so I thought I would have a dabble and I didnt really want to go all out and start wiring up relays to GPIOs e...
                                                                          GeneralJEB82023-08-02 04:54:32.888Z
                                                                          TinyPilot Voyager 1 & 2 working KVM
                                                                          I have been working with the TinyPilot Voyager versions 1 & 2 and have found both work perfectly with MT-VIKI 4-port KVM. Using my physical keyboard or the TinyPilot on-screen keyboard I am able to use the Home-Home-number keys combination to switch ...
                                                                            GeneralMCFB162023-08-02 04:36:09.976Z
                                                                            FACTURACION Y METODO DE PAGO
                                                                            Hola, quisiera saber sobre el tema de facturación solo se emite INVOICE? y el metodo de pago solo es mediante tarjetas? Gracias
                                                                              GeneralC232023-08-01 14:37:20.523Z