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TinyPilot with webcam and audio support - When?
I understand that TinyPilot currently does not have support for webcam nor audio. The digital nomad subreddit (r/digitalnomad) is 2m+ strong, and would love a solution where they can leave their hardware stat- side, while traveling abroad. It's much ...
    GeneralPCA/C12023-05-10 18:26:17.763Z
    tinypilot - how to send audio to remove device?
    Hi everyone, owner of 8 tinypilots and love the hardware! I have a question though, we can stream incoming audio from a client device, but is there a way we can send audio to device ( as a mic input) Anyone have any ideas here? I was thinking maybe s...
      Technical SupportSCA22023-05-10 18:26:13.433Z
      No Display
      Tinypilot KVM display works intermittently, out of the blue it would display "No Signal", and then start working sometimes, other times it will show a green screen without responding to anything. Logs:
        Technical SupportO/52023-05-10 11:17:46.992Z
        502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0
        TinyPilot facing issue 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0 When tried setup again getting this
          Technical SupportN12023-05-10 06:57:36.802Z
          Frozen Screen: TinyPilot requires a reboot after 36h of uptime (with v2.5.4) otherwise the screen appears as a screenshot
          TLDR :: When this occurs after 36h of uptime since this new 2.5.4 clean install (didn't occur 2.5.2). My logs show : Persistent Device Timeout (unplugged) Question 1 - As preface: Are there any currently known issues with reverting to the old EDID of...
            Technical SupportAC/C32023-05-09 13:45:43.683Z
            How do I run commands in Bulleye (OS Ver 11) via the microHDMI + Kbd locally?
            Per here (from OS Ver 10) - Renaming the device, Device shows under Mass storage device - #post-5 I recall being able to run commands (like sudo or logging into root user) locally in the previous OS version. Is this still possible or not so? I tried ...
              GeneralAC/C42023-05-09 13:09:32.515Z
              502 bad gateway after failed software update
              Tried to update the tinypilot software. Something went wrong during the process and now I can't login to the web interface. I have SSH enabled and can get in to that, but I don't know what to do once I'm in. Help!
                Technical SupportNAN/52023-05-08 14:03:51.128Z
                Is there a way to disable video capture card toshiba and use only mouse and keyboard remotely?
                I'm curious to know if I can control just the mouse and keyboard and disable the video capture card "Toshiba H2C" so its not being identified by my MAC. Right now it shows I have a TinyPilot Display and then also shows Toshiba H2C and also shows my a...
                  Technical SupportS/32023-05-08 11:31:31.266Z
                  Can we change fan speed for the Tinypilot?
                  Is there any way that we can change fan speed of the tiny pilot?
                    Technical SupportBC/C12023-05-08 10:50:31.667Z
                    Unable to SSH on macOS Monterey
                    I was reviewing the forum for SSH related changes that can be made to TinyPilot and wanted to change some settings via SSH but found out I could not even SSH in macOS Monterey. My TinyPilot works fine otherwise. Anyone else encounter issues with macO...
                      Technical SupportSC/C32023-05-05 11:22:15.274Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Failed Upgrade
                      I rand the upgrade on my Voyager and it froze half way through. It was then giving an error of "Error: Missing expected kind field" when I tried to run the updates again. It has been rebooted and I'm getting 502 bad gateway. I then was going to downl...
                        Technical SupportACA/C52023-05-04 13:22:57.833Z
                        No signal - KB/mouse works, but no video
                        I just received my new TinyPilot Voyager2, connected it to one of my servers (same model as I will have at a remote site where I plan to deploy this TinyPilot), connected the VGA-HDMI adapter (purchased alongside the TinyPilot), and I can send keystr...
                          Technical SupportFC/C52023-05-03 17:08:53.314Z
                          Having to restart tiny pilot once every 24 hours or so
                          Im running the mouse move script via putty. Once every 24 hours or so I have to restart the tiny pilot because I start losing control of the MAC its connected too. Is there a way to set an automatic restart up until this issue is resolved?
                            Technical SupportHCH142023-04-27 14:53:49.010Z
                            Client cert for tinypilot web interface
                            I am considering setting up the tinypilot nginx server to require client certificates. I would create a self signed client cert for my browser and require client certificate authentication on the nginx server. I think this plus port forwarding may be...
                              Technical SupportS212023-04-27 14:03:07.219Z
                              TinyPilot Power Connector with the pi zero W?
                              Would I be able to use the TinyPilot Power Connector to run TinyPilot on a pi zero w/ Wifi or is there some hardware limitation I am overlooking. Pi4 so hard to get at the present moment.
                                Technical SupportDC12023-04-27 12:39:13.545Z
                                Tiny power connector, so very good!
                                I got the tiny pilot power connector and I love it. The website pictures don't do it justice. Just a thought, you need to show a setup with the power connect and then w/o it. It reduces the number of parts:no usb-c power needed with long wire going t...
                                  Technical SupportD12023-04-27 11:18:59.302Z
                                  Getting 502 Bad Gateway error
                                  Everything was working as expected with Tinypilot stopped working showing 502 Bad Gateway.
                                    Technical SupportPCP92023-04-27 01:47:44.760Z
                                    Video streams, but no sound for DIY. Paid only feature?
                                    Does the DIY support audio or is that only included with the pro version?
                                      Technical SupportD12023-04-26 18:17:05.114Z
                                      Using to access tinypilot allows me to see the screen, but the keyboard does not work and at the bottom it says disconnected
                                      Using to access tinypilot allows me to see the screen, but the keyboard does not work and at the bottom it says disconnected. Has this been encountered before? Just some more info, I have the Pro version and made the DIY version. The Pro ve...
                                        Technical SupportD32023-04-26 18:02:57.771Z
                                        Can't control mouse and keyboard
                                        Hello I connected windows and tinypilot I can see the screen via tinypilot But can't control the mouse and keyboard. I can see green light with solid red on tinypilot Is this a problem with data cable? The data cable that I received is the USB -A on ...
                                          Technical SupportMC32023-04-26 14:51:50.398Z
                                          should tinypilot voyager 2a power up with a standard usb c cable?
                                          packing up for a trip and owuld be nice to me the space of taking the adapter when i can just take a cable...thanks?
                                            Technical SupportM12023-04-24 11:35:41.002Z
                                            Audio & video cuts out
                                            Hi, I'm having an intermittent issue with audio cutting out (H.264). I managed to capture logs during one of these interruptions. Video was interrupted here as well. It was fixed with a refresh. I was using Chrome on macOS. https://logs.tinypilotkvm....
                                              Technical SupportS232023-04-21 18:27:59.714Z
                                              Continuous Keypresses (Holding a key down) doesn't register
                                              I have a tiny pilot hooked up to a machine that I am doing videogame development on. Everything is great except for when I drop into the actual game either through the UE editor or through a build I cant move my character around using WASD. The chara...
                                                Technical SupportICI22023-04-20 03:38:36.599Z
                                                H.264 audio cutting out
                                                Hi there, I'm having intermittent issues with audio cutting out. The H.264 status at the bottom of the window never goes away or shows an issue, but the sound just drops. I can reliably fix it by hitting refresh in the browser window and it comes rig...
                                                  Technical SupportS2CS242023-04-19 23:04:23.337Z
                                                  8 servers/ 1 TinyPilot
                                                  Can a Tiny Pilot support up to 8 devices? Also, what are the devices needed to ensure that I can do a reset of my device or access the BIOS of my device with TinyPilot?
                                                    Technical SupportM42023-04-19 14:16:34.883Z
                                                    Audio is interrupted and will not play for long periods of time in environments with relatively high latency.
                                                    TinyPilot Voyager 2a is used. Audio output frequently stops in environments with relatively large delays (50ms-100ms). This does not occur in environments with small delays (5ms-50ms). Video continues to be displayed without problems. I am using tail...
                                                      Technical SupportS252023-04-18 09:24:50.314Z
                                                      TinyPilot USB connection is recognised as what?
                                                      When connecting TinyPilot to a PC, what is it recognised as exactly? Only HID? And what kind of HID?
                                                        Technical SupportT32023-04-18 09:06:07.949Z
                                                        Video disconnects every 10 seconds
                                                        Hi I just got my TinyVoyager 2a. I'm unable to remote access my laptop for any longer than 10 seconds. The video disconnects, and when it reconnects it changes from H.264 to MPEG with an exclamation sign next to it. Moving the cursor is next to impos...
                                                          Technical SupportS32023-04-17 11:30:46.884Z
                                                          Tinypilot non-responsive after mounting anything
                                                          Hey all, I love my TinyPilot but as of late, I am having an impossible time with it. I am trying to mount Ubuntu and boot into it, it works 1/5 times sometimes less. I go to mount the image, everything freezes. I can no longer interact with the host ...
                                                            Technical SupportRC12023-04-17 09:17:00.908Z
                                                            Can I install both tailscale and zerotier
                                                            Hi, I am wondering if the tinypilot Voyager 2a can have both tailscale and zero tier installed at the same time. Just wondering if there will be conflict since they both are VPN. And also is there any step by step instruction for zerotier like the on...
                                                              Technical SupportGC12023-04-17 08:53:40.913Z
                                                              No keyboard/mouse only at Filevault login screen
                                                              I've been playing with the hobbyest kit and have had no issues with a few linux systems. I had a friend get the Voyager for use with a headless Mac Mini she has. The keyboard and mouse don't work until we get past the filevault login screen. Kind of ...
                                                                Technical SupportBS3CM2B192023-04-14 20:47:33.236Z
                                                                Welcome to the TinyPilot Forum
                                                                This is a place for TinyPilot users to;
                                                                  GeneralKW22023-04-14 19:14:28.345Z
                                                                  Upgrade Failed, Now not connecting bad gateway error
                                                                  Hi Team I have a vougaer 2 series tiny pilot, I was upgrading it from the web GUI, which failed and after that it refuses to come online I am using the device for some important role, it worked fine for the last 9 months until now. Please someone hel...
                                                                    Technical SupportM2C12023-04-14 15:20:36.481Z
                                                                    Raspberry Pi 3b or other "Pi"
                                                                    I'm curious.. given the lack of availability of the Raspberry Pi 4.. Does your project have any strict dependencies on the RP4 or could a 3B (got a ton of those laying about) work, or even a LIbreComputer, RockPi, OrangePi, or BannaPi? (all are Arm b...
                                                                      Technical SupportDC12023-04-14 15:02:54.126Z
                                                                      H.264 frequently (but not every time) fails on Safari, reliably works in other browsers
                                                                      Subject says it all. Safari on Mac can almost never use H.264, giving this error message: TinyPilot failed to stream video output from your target device using H.264 compression. See "System" > "Logs" for diagnostic details. Refreshing the page or re...
                                                                        Technical SupportN52023-04-14 11:08:39.585Z
                                                                        Upgrade error
                                                                        Cannot upgrade pro form 2.5.0 to 2.5.3 First time. The upgrade procedure didn't go more.. the log is as blow I tried once more, then I encountered the difference response "The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' retu...
                                                                          Technical SupportC52023-04-14 11:00:52.418Z
                                                                          Screen saver keep alive?
                                                                          I'm curious to know if there's any way to keep the screen saver of my connected PC from activating while I'm away? Is there a command line way to interact with the keyboard where I could send a keystroke every X minutes? Or is there a way to send a s...
                                                                            Technical SupportS2C32023-04-13 17:58:03.636Z
                                                                            Video stream type switching back and forth
                                                                            the video type keeps switching back and forth between h.264 and mjpeg causing the screen to disappear momentarily and then come back. have attached logs and screen recording. assuming its a resolution issue? htt...
                                                                              Technical SupportB12023-04-13 11:03:23.226Z
                                                                              Restricted work laptop
                                                                              Hello, I work for bank fully remote with restricted laptop. They always track IP address. I’m not able to travel with my company laptop. Laptop is using remote desktop system with their own vpn. Am I able to use Tinypilot to connect my laptop during ...
                                                                                GeneralZU22023-04-10 17:59:04.328Z
                                                                                Technical SupportM12023-04-07 20:24:56.130Z