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    GeneralK22022-05-31 19:06:11.448Z
    Technical SupportMC72023-01-29 01:00:50.767Z
    enable SSH
    Hi, my SSH access was disabled and unable to enable back. may i know how to enable it? thanks!
      Technical SupportO02023-01-28 02:38:24.637Z
      502 Bad Gateway
      We purchased a Voyager and it's at a remote site. After a failed update we were met with this when attempting to log into it: "502 Bad Gateway". I've had someone manually power cycle the device and still seeing the same error. I can see it on the net...
        Technical SupportJC12023-01-27 22:58:11.305Z
        Using tinypilot voyager 2 with multiple computers
        I need to connect 3 computers and use them remotely. Do I need to get 3 Voyager 2 units, or can I use one unit to control each of the three computers from my tablet?
          Technical SupportZC32023-01-27 22:49:03.352Z
          tinypilot running out space because of log files
          When I tried to update tinypilot today, I discovered that it had run out of space. Investigation showed that /var/log/syslog and /var/log/kern.log were about 7 gigs each. The reason probably is that I only run tinypilot on a need basis, i.e. I don't ...
            Technical SupportS02023-01-27 21:59:30.340Z
            Obtaining a screenshot using the internal API
            I'm a student writing custom software to automate a host machine (also referred to as the "target") through the TinyPilot Voyager 2 using the exposed APIs defined in (for RESTful calls) and (for WebSocket connections). For the cu...
              Technical SupportAJ52023-01-27 18:14:38.297Z
              Changed RSA certs for ECC and modified NGINX config, will this revert?
              I installed our first Tinypilot today and added our custom SSL certs. When trying to connect to NGINX we realized there was a public-key signature algorithm mismatch so the client/server couldn't agree on a cipher and the SSL handshake failed. It was...
                Technical SupportSCS22023-01-27 15:01:05.775Z
                Error: Malformed API response, content type must be JSON. Response status: 504
                i try to turn on ssh on the security page in tinypilot, it shows disconnected after a few seconds (red button on bottom left), but I get this error in a pop up. Refreshing shows ssh still disabled. how to fix this? Also any commands, once I do ssh, t...
                  Technical SupportM12023-01-27 12:32:56.439Z
                  update from 2.5.0 to 2.5.2 failed
                  The update from 2.5.0 to 2.5.2 fails. The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 100. The issue appears to be here: dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: reading statoverride file '/v...
                    Technical SupportS52023-01-27 12:23:01.321Z
                    Explain icons...
                    Can I use the tinypilot as a wifi hotspot?
                    i dont have wifi enabled yet, but im curious, as opposed to connecting to the tinypilot's wifi ssd (presumably)is there a way to feed an ethernet cable from a router with internet, or a computer, into tinypilot, and have my tinypilot , which has tail...
                      Technical SupportM02023-01-27 01:40:28.128Z
                      Can we use Tiny Pilot for IPAD Remote Control ?
                      Hello, If i connect my Ipad with USB C Hub with HDMI, Keyboard & Mouse Output and connect same to Tiny Pilot it will work ? My main purpose is to remote control and monitor of IPAD Installed at remote location. Thankx in advance .. Regards, Vipul
                        Technical SupportPBC52023-01-26 21:40:50.118Z
                        No mouse or keyboard input
                        No mouse or keyboard input. Confirmed using USB-C (Data) from TinyPilot to USB-A on device. Updated to latest version 2.5.2 Logs - lsusb Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 002 Dev...
                          Technical SupportHC32023-01-26 14:30:00.177Z
                          Web upgrade 2.5.0 to 2.5.2, then no response on network
                          Use the web based upgrade and watched all the messages. When completed got a message something like "Can not connect. Please power off and on and try again" I power cycled and still no web access or response to ping. Please advise how to proceed. Tha...
                            Technical SupportMC22023-01-26 12:36:57.737Z
                            Error when connecting in browser
                            Using Tinypilot voyager with Tailscale on ethernet cable over IP. Was working before that, but was having internet issues. Any ideas what happened or how to fix? Getting before the login page should be popuping. instead get this: {"code":null,"messag...
                              Technical SupportTC32023-01-25 11:01:52.770Z
                              Tiny Pilot Access from mobile device
                              Hello, I was able to get my tinypilot Voyager 2 v2 set up, and calibrated the remote access using the tailscale client. Great functionality and when accessing from my PC I have no complaints! I have not tested off site, but I was able to connect from...
                                Technical SupportR12023-01-24 15:51:25.689Z
                                H.264 fail
                                I'm getting this error when trying to switch to H.264. I've tried disabling and re-enabling it then rebooting, but same issue. "TinyPilot failed to stream video output from your target device using H.264 compression." How can I fix this? Logs link: h...
                                  Technical SupportS292023-01-23 12:04:05.983Z
                                  Keyboard and mouse don't work anymore
                                  Hello, I've purchased the Voyager 2 a few months ago (July) and it's been working fine the few times I've had to use it, but recently I've noticed that my keyboard and mouse don't work anymore. I've checked the logs and I get the standard "Is USB cab...
                                    Technical SupportK52023-01-23 12:02:30.165Z
                                    usb-gadget keeps exiting
                                    I have a TinyPilot Voyager 2 and it seemed to be working fine for a while. One day, it apparently stopped sending USB input. I tried running: echo -ne "\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0" > /dev/hidg0 and got an error saying: echo: write error: Cannot send after tran...
                                      Technical SupportPC82023-01-23 01:18:20.659Z
                                      screen only shows windows I can see the reboot or BIOS screen it says no signal until windows boots
                                      screen only shows windows I can see the reboot or BIOS screen it says no signal until windows boots
                                        Technical SupportMC12023-01-23 01:12:45.233Z
                                        display problems
                                        we got various Lenovo Thinkpad Laptops (E and T series) and very often it will happen that the screen goes black. Not sure what is causing this, rebooting the Tinypilot or pressing anything on keyboard does fix it. Even reconnecting HDMI cable is not...
                                          Technical SupportXC42023-01-23 01:05:03.654Z
                                          Upgrade Buster to Bullseye
                                          Hi, I tried to upgrade the official tinypilotkvm Buster device/image to Bullseye, by following the Debian instructions for upgrades. The process failed due to some of the tinypilot packages and the device now won't even boot. No need to troubleshoot,...
                                            Technical SupportA2C12023-01-23 00:56:50.745Z
                                            Tinypilot bullseye image?
                                            Hello, I logged into with my email and order number, and I downloaded the latest tinypilot-voyager-2.5.2-2023-01-17T1501Z.img. I see that it's still based on Raspberry Pi OS Buster, is there a newer version ...
                                              Technical SupportA2C12023-01-23 00:44:54.548Z
                                              how to disable wifi and only route traffic through ethernet
                                              Hi, i've enabled the wifi and now would like to disable the wifi, and only route traffic through ethernet, how would i be able to do that.. thanks
                                                GeneralJC12023-01-18 20:20:53.147Z
                                                Hello. Cannot connect to the tinypilot
                                                Hello. I bought my pilot 2 wks ago. Tinypilot worked fine till yesterday. My computer and the tinypilot are on the same network. I can ping it but I cannot open anything in the browser. It shows err "tinypilot refused to connect." The ethernet connec...
                                                  GeneralAAJ82023-01-18 14:35:57.264Z
                                                  Keyboard not working
                                                  Original data cable is plugged into DATA USB C port on Tinypilot Voyager 2 and then plugged into a USB 3 port on the target machine. Video works well, USB does not seem to work. Here are logs: The keyboard bubbl...
                                                    Technical SupportC2C12023-01-17 00:44:26.674Z
                                                    Video screen problem.
                                                    Having issues with display back. Only option is to reboot the device. How do I go about getting this resolved?
                                                      Technical SupportMS2132023-01-16 12:40:39.160Z
                                                      emulated mouse options?
                                                      I'm using a tinyPilot Voyager 2 with an Iogear KVM switch. The KVM does not support the absolute positioning HID that tinyPilot presents; the cursor just freaks out all over the screen of whatever machine I connect to, which can be a little dangerous...
                                                        Technical SupportKQ72023-01-13 20:02:34.021Z
                                                        Detecting a Tiny Pilot...
                                                        Is there any way for Tiny Pilot to be detected (as opposed to a standard kb, mouse, or monitor)? I see the computer show the standard "HID-compliant" mouse and keyboard... and a generic monitor via Device Manager. What about via WMI or other system q...
                                                          Technical SupportEC12023-01-13 17:34:39.870Z
                                                          TinyPilot Voyager 2 PoE problems with Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Lite 8 PoE
                                                          I bought the TinyPilot Voyager 2 PoE last month, and it works fine with the USB power supply. I just bought the Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Lite 8 PoE which is supposed to provide 802.3at power ports. Connected over a PoE cat8 wire from the switch, while i...
                                                            Technical SupportSP62023-01-11 12:18:13.225Z
                                                            Technical SupportG72023-01-10 16:48:44.704Z
                                                            Unable to see TinyPilot in IP scanner (TinyPilot not showing in Talescale)
                                                            Hello Friends Need help with setting up TinyPilot for the first time on my personal laptop. Followed all the steps as mentioned but I am unable to see TinyPilot in IP scanner. Also the TinyPilot in the not showing in Talescale admin window). Tried al...
                                                              Technical SupportP292023-01-06 13:14:51.095Z
                                                              NO SIGNAL but keyboard and mouse are working
                                                              Hi Michael. I purchased TinyPilot voyager and set it up for a laptop recently. It worked fine after my first setup. But once I detached the device from the laptop and did attach to the laptop, TinyPilot started to fail to catch the screen (NO SIGNAL ...
                                                                Technical SupportBOH242023-01-04 19:42:34.063Z
                                                                Browser Tab rename
                                                                Hi, i would like to rename the tab name from "tinypilot" to something more common like "laptop1 ...". How can this be done?
                                                                  Technical SupportTC92023-01-04 17:46:54.763Z
                                                                  Lag Issues is H264 running properly.
                                                                  Mouse/Keyboard has lag. 5sec-10sec. Sometimes 2sec How do I check if H264 is running properly? I get this message while following the steps in post My logs https://logs.tinypilot...
                                                                    Technical SupportTC12023-01-04 16:36:37.728Z
                                                                    How to reset tinypilot pro username and password if forgot?
                                                                    I forgot the Tinypilot pro login username and password…how to reset???? I know this is a noob question :)
                                                                      GeneralP3M42023-01-03 17:27:48.882Z
                                                                      A few questions for new user
                                                                      Trying to run wireless keyboard/mouse off usb dongle that's plugged into tiny pilot? Am I missing something here, I thought in normal hardwired KVM's you plug the USB dongle into the kvm switch and you're done. I'm not getting any output from these t...
                                                                        Technical SupportM42023-01-03 17:24:34.987Z
                                                                        The cooling fan on my TinyPilot has started making a lot of noise. I can unplug it and let it cool down to room temperature, it is quiet when it starts again but then gets noisy after an hour or so. Is there a fix?
                                                                          Technical SupportD12023-01-03 15:21:45.147Z
                                                                          How to install Tinypilot Voyager 2 - from Personal Laptop to J1 Work Laptop?
                                                                          Hi all, here’s my situation: J1 requires me to work hybrid, at least 2 days in the office so I’m planning to bring my personal laptop so that I can do both J1 and J2 work on the same machine bought a tinypilot voyager 2 based on my research. So here ...
                                                                            Technical SupportF12023-01-03 13:28:25.156Z
                                                                            Is Direct VGA to USB Capture Possible?
                                                                            I'm about to embark on my first TinyPilot installation. I have several systems that I'm wanting to manage, and I'm going the DIY route initially. As I was looking through the instructions for VGA capture, I see that the typical solution is a VGA to H...
                                                                              IdeasB232023-01-03 12:32:33.085Z
                                                                              how to set a static IP on 2.5.0 without Internet access
                                                                              I just reflashed my TinyPilot Pro to 2.5.0 after I could not get it to work I wanted to set a static IP but I did not want to have to put this TinyPilot on the Internet just to download a script to apply the static IP address as shown in this post: h...
                                                                                Technical SupportJ2C22023-01-02 15:48:56.162Z