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TinyPilot USB connection is recognised as what?
When connecting TinyPilot to a PC, what is it recognised as exactly? Only HID? And what kind of HID?
    Technical SupportT32023-04-18 09:06:07.949Z
    Video disconnects every 10 seconds
    Hi I just got my TinyVoyager 2a. I'm unable to remote access my laptop for any longer than 10 seconds. The video disconnects, and when it reconnects it changes from H.264 to MPEG with an exclamation sign next to it. Moving the cursor is next to impos...
      Technical SupportS32023-04-17 11:30:46.884Z
      Tinypilot non-responsive after mounting anything
      Hey all, I love my TinyPilot but as of late, I am having an impossible time with it. I am trying to mount Ubuntu and boot into it, it works 1/5 times sometimes less. I go to mount the image, everything freezes. I can no longer interact with the host ...
        Technical SupportRC12023-04-17 09:17:00.908Z
        Can I install both tailscale and zerotier
        Hi, I am wondering if the tinypilot Voyager 2a can have both tailscale and zero tier installed at the same time. Just wondering if there will be conflict since they both are VPN. And also is there any step by step instruction for zerotier like the on...
          Technical SupportGC12023-04-17 08:53:40.913Z
          No keyboard/mouse only at Filevault login screen
          I've been playing with the hobbyest kit and have had no issues with a few linux systems. I had a friend get the Voyager for use with a headless Mac Mini she has. The keyboard and mouse don't work until we get past the filevault login screen. Kind of ...
            Technical SupportBSCMB192023-04-14 20:47:33.236Z
            Upgrade Failed, Now not connecting bad gateway error
            Hi Team I have a vougaer 2 series tiny pilot, I was upgrading it from the web GUI, which failed and after that it refuses to come online I am using the device for some important role, it worked fine for the last 9 months until now. Please someone hel...
              Technical SupportMC12023-04-14 15:20:36.481Z
              Raspberry Pi 3b or other "Pi"
              I'm curious.. given the lack of availability of the Raspberry Pi 4.. Does your project have any strict dependencies on the RP4 or could a 3B (got a ton of those laying about) work, or even a LIbreComputer, RockPi, OrangePi, or BannaPi? (all are Arm b...
                Technical SupportDC12023-04-14 15:02:54.126Z
                H.264 frequently (but not every time) fails on Safari, reliably works in other browsers
                Subject says it all. Safari on Mac can almost never use H.264, giving this error message: TinyPilot failed to stream video output from your target device using H.264 compression. See "System" > "Logs" for diagnostic details. Refreshing the page or re...
                  Technical SupportN52023-04-14 11:08:39.585Z
                  Upgrade error
                  Cannot upgrade pro form 2.5.0 to 2.5.3 First time. The upgrade procedure didn't go more.. the log is as blow I tried once more, then I encountered the difference response "The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' retu...
                    Technical SupportC52023-04-14 11:00:52.418Z
                    Screen saver keep alive?
                    I'm curious to know if there's any way to keep the screen saver of my connected PC from activating while I'm away? Is there a command line way to interact with the keyboard where I could send a keystroke every X minutes? Or is there a way to send a s...
                      Technical SupportS2C32023-04-13 17:58:03.636Z
                      Explain icons...
                      Video stream type switching back and forth
                      the video type keeps switching back and forth between h.264 and mjpeg causing the screen to disappear momentarily and then come back. have attached logs and screen recording. assuming its a resolution issue? htt...
                        Technical SupportB12023-04-13 11:03:23.226Z
                        Restricted work laptop
                        Hello, I work for bank fully remote with restricted laptop. They always track IP address. I’m not able to travel with my company laptop. Laptop is using remote desktop system with their own vpn. Am I able to use Tinypilot to connect my laptop during ...
                          GeneralZU22023-04-10 17:59:04.328Z
                          Technical SupportM12023-04-07 20:24:56.130Z
                          Cannot switch to h264 video, log attached
                          Update: tried with chrome and it is working fine. Maybe it is just not supporting safari browser? I tried to switch to h264 video setting. However it is not successful.
                            Technical SupportBC32023-04-06 20:16:29.285Z
                            Not a problem per se but how do I make the webpage only display the screen and not borders
                            Title says it all - I have a widescreen that can show 3 tinypilot kvms if the borders werent there. Is there any way to have the stream fill the borders of the page instead of having the borders/header/footer? Essentially I'm looking for it to look a...
                              Technical SupportT32023-04-05 21:26:28.026Z
                              502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.14.2
                              Just got a new Voyager 2 new out of the box. When attempting to browse I get: 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.14.2 What do I do here?
                                Technical SupportJSP242023-04-05 21:16:40.189Z
                                Tiny Pilot is very noisy
                                It’s making lot of noise soon as i start it.
                                  Technical SupportJ2CJ262023-04-04 15:06:43.658Z
                                  Tinypilot stopped responding
                                  Hello, My tinypilot has stopped responding. It is not showing connection green light and 'no-sigNal' screen. It seems it does not exist on network. What should I do to bring it online ? Thanks SJ
                                    Technical SupportS2C102023-04-04 13:11:32.238Z
                                    how can i see the public ip my tinypilot is giving out?
                                    i have a setup where i have a client from russia connecting to my tinypilot...and then to a client laptop. my question is how do i make sure the client laptop is not seeing a russian ip, but the tinypilot's wireguard/tailscale ip (which should be a n...
                                      Technical SupportM12023-04-03 18:25:18.561Z
                                      Can access tinypilot via tailscale through browser BUT NOT on LAN
                                      for some reason can't ssh into my tinypilot on lan but can acess it via browser...can someone please explain what's going on? tried to intput the lan addrsss directly, and it wont work.
                                        Technical SupportMC92023-04-03 14:25:24.918Z
                                        how do i create a backup of my tinypilot? or install packages to do so?
                                        for instance sysupgrade -c -k -b /tmp/tinypilot.tar.gz doesn't work, there is no package installed for sysupgrade, how do I back it up other than yanking out the sd card and creating a copy via GUI? Thanks
                                          Technical SupportM62023-04-03 11:38:43.470Z
                                          How to install a second tinypilot in addition to the existing tailscale??
                                          Hi, I recently purchased my second tinypilot (TinyPilot Voyager 2a). My first tinypilot is TinyPilot Voyager 2. How exactly do you install Tailscale on my second TinyPilot Voyager 2a? I tried to follow the installation steps as my first TinyPilot Voy...
                                            Technical SupportFW72023-04-03 11:15:18.913Z
                                            Not able to connect to TinyPilot Voyager 2 over WiFi
                                            I am having trouble connecting to my TinyPilot Voyager 2 over WiFi. It was loading just fine through Chrome until I turned on Windows Defender in Windows 11 after uninstalling another antivirus software. There are no issues connecting when my compute...
                                              Technical SupportP282023-04-03 11:11:00.495Z
                                              Preview on vertical monitor
                                              Is there some setting for swapping grabbed video to vertical? Right now video is sideway and mouse is horizontal so its kinda tricky but still works
                                                GeneralY22023-03-29 12:55:58.591Z
                                                In Device Manager under "Audio Inputs & outputs" I see "TinyPilot (Intel(R) Display Audio)"
                                                I have already changed the EDID to replace the Toshiba-H2C string. But this "TinyPilot (Intel(R) Display Audio)" continues to show in the Audio section. Where can I change this?
                                                  Technical SupportTAC152023-03-29 05:32:36.494Z
                                                  Can't access any desktop .Update issue
                                                  I'm getting issue while updating my tinypilot. I can't access any desktop . Tried to reset but I do have invoice id and transaction id to download the image but don't have order id to download the image . Please help.
                                                    Technical SupportM212023-03-28 12:56:07.484Z
                                                    My device boots all the lights are solid (but can't access it through web)
                                                    Good evening, I just nought my TinyPilot Voyager 2a. I have followed the instructions and connected it to my home routers ethernet port. The device turns on all the lights are solid Green, Red. But I can't access it through web browser. All the menti...
                                                      Technical SupportE52023-03-28 11:17:54.969Z
                                                      Kvm usb disconected
                                                      Hi, Im working with a company that host server, and i ask for a server with kvm. They send me a server with tinypilot kvm. Version 2.5.3. What happen next is that we cant use the kvm, appears that the usb disconected. I read in the forum that some gu...
                                                        Technical SupportJ52023-03-27 18:42:57.564Z
                                                        unable to set exit node on tailscale
                                                        on my tinypilot i set the exit node as my linksys-garage but am unable to see it as the exit node when i go to status...any idea whats going on? only my tinypilot acting weird on the ts network like this
                                                          Technical SupportM12023-03-27 11:52:17.705Z
                                                          Tailscale SSL Certificates
                                                          I am using TailScale on my Voyager2, I downloaded the local ca.cert however, I do not know how to download the SSL cert that was generated by tailscale. How to do I download the tailscale SSL cert off the TinyPilot device?
                                                            Technical SupportW12023-03-27 11:24:30.030Z
                                                            How do I update tailscale s/w?
                                                            Currently managing TinyPilot with tailscale I was recently on tailscale. Please upgrade to the new s/w release! Please upgrade to the new version. Please add a description of the s/w update to the following page.
                                                              Technical SupportS232023-03-24 12:10:06.116Z
                                                              Updated TinyPilot to 2.5.3 and KVM hotkeys no longer work
                                                              Ive recently upgraded my tinypilot to 2.5.3 and the hotkey switching no longer works. I checked the KVM compatibility list at ( and am using the MT-VIKI KVM switch. It was working great b...
                                                                Technical SupportJC32023-03-23 12:07:26.345Z
                                                                Remote access
                                                                Hello, I have a work laptop that I work from home with and would like to travel but I am unable to leave the US with it. My work laptop doesn't allow me to download or install programs. To my understanding, both laptops need to be fairly close to one...
                                                                  Technical SupportRC122023-03-22 19:06:26.084Z
                                                                  Do you plan to support Japanese keyboards?
                                                                  I am using 4 units of tinypilot in a Japanese environment. I am very satisfied with the functionality, but it does not seem to support Japanese keyboards, so I sometimes have trouble outputting "_" and other characters easily. Do you have an alternat...
                                                                    Technical SupportS232023-03-22 12:12:51.155Z
                                                                    Tinypilot data port not working - video is working - remote work not possible
                                                                    Dear support team, i'm facing in the issue, that after a few minutes mouse and keyboard input are not working. Video is fine. I have bought 4 pieces of tiny pilot and every system have this issue. Maybe a problem of the update? Hopefully there is a f...
                                                                      Technical SupportSC82023-03-20 20:28:23.113Z
                                                                      TinyPilot Mt-viki Switch Issues
                                                                      Hi, I've purchased a Mt-viki 4 Port HDMI switch for use with TinyPilot, and while I understand that there is no official support I thought I'd see if you could offer any insights into the cause of this particular problem. When I plug the USB-C cable ...
                                                                        Technical SupportB62023-03-17 12:41:02.728Z
                                                                        Does Tinypilot support 2 HDMI output / screens?
                                                                        Hi all, Normally, I have 1 HDMI port connecting from Tinypilot to HDMI port of a target computer. No issues. But what if my target computer has a second screen? I tried to use a HDMI Splitter but failed to get it work. I'm still working out the confi...
                                                                          Technical SupportFC22023-03-17 07:48:56.842Z
                                                                          Question on h.264 settings
                                                                          I upgraded to the TinyPilot OS 2.5.3 to use h.264 video and it works fairly well (quicker and more responsive than MJPEG). I have a question on the h.264 settings, though. For the "quality" slider (which affects Mbps) would lowering this: a) cause hi...
                                                                            GeneralFF42023-03-14 20:16:17.727Z
                                                                            Tinypilot data port not working - cant connect to keyboard and mouse
                                                                            My tinypilot 2's data port is no longer working. I have tried everything I could think of. I switched wires to wires that work on my other tinypilots (I have 3 others). Cross tested the laptops with the other tinypilots and they seem to work. The vid...
                                                                              Technical SupportTSC92023-03-14 20:16:12.835Z
                                                                              Technical SupportE22023-03-14 16:50:06.548Z