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porting tinyPilot for another plateform
Hi, I would like to port tinyPilot for another platform expect raspberry pi , for that I have some query related to tinyPilot. Can anyone help me to resolve the query if possible. It will be heplfull. Is it possible to port tinypilot for another arch...
    GeneralAA62022-02-25 09:11:39.825Z
    TinyPilotPro KVM with HDMI direct to 12900K motherboard and no video
    Running 2.3.2 and yet we still can't video to show using two separate HDMI direct cables. This is Asus z690M-PLUS D4 board with 12900K cpu. OS is Linux Ubuntu 22.04. Btw, the machine is running in CLI mode, no x11/xorg running. So just simple shell/s...
      GeneralDD22022-02-24 19:01:15.034Z
      VGA-HDMI Adapter: Shifted Image
      Concerning the VGA-HDMI adapter (FOINNEX), has anyone else noticed the shifted image while using it? I experience the same issue with the adapter connected to either a TinyPilot or a TV. This seems to be a common issue with that adapter. Here is a sc...
        GeneralCD12022-02-24 18:54:29.706Z
        502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.14.2
        Just got a new Voyager 2 new out of the box. When attempting to browse I get: 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.14.2 What do I do here?
          Technical SupportJDJ202022-02-24 00:32:20.263Z
          TinyPilot Pro download
          Hi I have a corrupt SD card and want to replace with a new SD card and replace my Tinypilot pro. Where can we download the Pro image file from ?
            GeneralGR32022-02-23 20:36:58.270Z
            Tinypilot Pro failed to update
            Web GUI error "The update failed: Command '['sudo', '/opt/tinypilot-privileged/update']' returned non-zero exit status 2." SSH error "TASK [tinypilot.tinypilot-pro : get TinyPilot repo] ************************************************ fatal: [localho...
              GeneralCS52022-02-22 20:28:20.241Z
              No Signal on Voyager 2
              I have no signal showing up. I tried a few different HDMI cables. I've tried a few computers with limited results on each. Cable and video work for an external monitor. Currently tried to setup a pfSense box with a Protectli device. I set it up befor...
                Technical SupportA102022-02-22 19:13:21.921Z
                TinyPilot Voyager 1 & 2 working KVM
                I have been working with the TinyPilot Voyager versions 1 & 2 and have found both work perfectly with MT-VIKI 4-port KVM. Using my physical keyboard or the TinyPilot on-screen keyboard I am able to use the Home-Home-number keys combination to switch ...
                  GeneralMFDB132022-02-22 19:08:28.822Z
                  HDMI not detected at BIOS level or in OS
                  I have created a video to make things more clear. I get no video detection via HDMI using Voyager. Works fine on next computer. 2nd monitor not seen in device manager (Windows). Computer displays fine to 'real' monitor though. Any ideas? View on YouTube
                    General22022-02-22 16:12:21.282Z
                    I get an error during the update.
                    I'm start the update TinyPilot with: /opt/tinypilot/scripts/upgrade && sudo reboot And get error: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pkg-resources==0.0.0 (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for pkg...
                      Technical SupportGB12022-02-21 01:20:17.700Z
                      Explain icons...
                      NO SIGNAL but keyboard and mouse are working
                      Hi Michael. I purchased TinyPilot voyager and set it up for a laptop recently. It worked fine after my first setup. But once I detached the device from the laptop and did attach to the laptop, TinyPilot started to fail to catch the screen (NO SIGNAL ...
                        Technical SupportBOH242022-02-18 06:55:58.120Z
                        Full screen mode across dual Monitors
                        Is it possible to go into full screen mode across two monitors? I'm not looking to capture dual monitors on the TinyPilot, but instead a single monitor across dual monitors from the control machine. I'm able to drag chrome across multiple screens, bu...
                          GeneralS12022-02-17 22:36:18.507Z
                          TinyPilot Voyager 1 sleep after no HDMI input
                          Bought 2 TinyPilot Voyager 1 devices Both on current version 2.3.2 with recent full re-image fresh OS After running without HDMI signal input, device falls asleep and doesn't wake again. Required hard power reboot. Does RasberryPi O/S have a sleep se...
                            GeneralP12022-02-17 22:31:01.588Z
                            Using TinyPilot with Raspberry Camera / without HDMI
                            Hello, I have a device which does not support HDMI or VGA output. I thought I could replace the HDMI Adapter Board with the Raspberry Pi camera - however it does not seem to be plug-and-play - I still get "no signal" in the web ui. Is there any trick...
                              Technical SupportSF22022-02-16 06:59:25.676Z
                              Power splitter doesn't give power to raspberrypi
                              Hello. I love your project to control my home mac. I bought your power splitter to give more power to pi, but raspberrypi doesn't boot completely. In raspberrypi there light only green but not red. I found that that light means there is not enought p...
                                GeneralCC22022-02-16 02:13:40.799Z
                                Screen not fully visable
                                @michael As mentioned in the previous thread, I switched over to firefox and now I can get in through the IP address, but the screen is all black except the bottom status bar...
                                  GeneralR72022-02-15 23:32:13.866Z
                                  Audio streaming
                                  Hello, I installed the tinypilot and so far it's been great. I use it to remote control a work laptop at the office from home. I was wondering if there is a way to stream the audio/microphone so that I would be able to also take calls from the work l...
                                    GeneralF2TMD102022-02-15 18:09:55.075Z
                                    Restricted work laptop
                                    Hello, I work for bank fully remote with restricted laptop. They always track IP address. I’m not able to travel with my company laptop. Laptop is using remote desktop system with their own vpn. Am I able to use Tinypilot to connect my laptop during ...
                                      GeneralZF12022-02-15 15:15:31.279Z
                                      [solved] TinyPilot URLs fail to resolve
                                      My tinyPilot's red light is on. It is connected to a computer (Ubuntu Linux 20.04) via USB. I have plugged in an ethernet cable directly from ISP router to Tinypilot. I see the Ethernet powers green and orange lights when ethernet is plugged in. http...
                                        Technical SupportS2RCB132022-02-14 22:33:36.324Z
                                        Voyager Display Audio/3.5mm port
                                        I know that TinyPilot does not stream audio to the browser. However I noticed it creates a display audio output (presumably the HDMI port?) and there is also a 3.5mm jack on the device. Do these do anything at this time? It would be perfect if I coul...
                                          GeneralAKJM62022-02-14 20:15:41.378Z
                                          Video showing broken image icon, keyboard and mouse still work.
                                          Hi, I just purchased this TinyPilot Pro a few weeks ago. It has been working fine until today when I start getting the broken image icon. Keyboard and mouse (within that tiny image icon) still kinda works. I noticed there's a thread having the exact ...
                                            Technical SupportR32022-02-14 19:57:01.197Z
                                            4G/Remote viewing
                                            A bit in the realm of niche ideas but... I'm currently in a role where we frequently end up in a situation where the "hands" we have onsite aren't IT minded. If we could ship them a TinyPilot with a builtin 4G connection and some sort of remote conne...
                                              IdeasRCM2S72022-02-10 14:33:04.347Z
                                              Ultra-Wide Monitor Support
                                              Any chance we might see 3840x1080 resolution support in the future?
                                                IdeasJJ22022-02-09 21:28:38.420Z
                                                Integration with Splashtop Streamer
                                                Would love to see future integration with Splashtop Streamer. This would allow secure access to your device from anywhere, and access to the controlled computer - even if through a web browser on the device pointing to itself.
                                                  IdeasJJ22022-02-09 21:24:19.180Z
                                                  Mouse recenters / jumps to center every 10 to 20 minutes
                                                  When using a slave / controlled PC directly (physically) and when TinyPilot stays plugged into that same PC, ever since the latest update, the mouse will jump back to then dead center of the screen every 10 to 20 minutes. This is SUPER frustrating. I...
                                                    GeneralAFA42022-02-09 18:12:12.713Z
                                                    Multiple Monitor Support
                                                    Would love to see multi-monitor support enabled using two side by side TinyPilots with synchronous mouse and keyboard support.
                                                      IdeasJ02022-02-09 13:55:40.319Z
                                                      Can all usb input be “cancelled” via an ssh command or browser hotkey
                                                      TDLR: title question. If not possible I would like to formally request this :-) Why needed: I use a product similar to Synergy where I have 2 PCs & 2 monitors but 1 mouse and keyboard. ( The 2nd PC I keep TinyPilots browser window up, thus controllin...
                                                        GeneralAA42022-02-09 06:30:07.394Z
                                                        Extension of Power Cable
                                                        If the power cable is not long enough, can it be extended using a USB-C extension cable?
                                                          GeneralJF22022-02-09 03:15:54.390Z
                                                          TinyPilot Power Connector not working anymore
                                                          Hello, I have bought TinyPilot Power Connector last May, it stopped working. I've been using it with good quality micro usb cables and a 3A charger. It was OK for the first few months, then it started pikvm started showing "yellow voltage sign" but i...
                                                            GeneralK12022-02-07 20:15:42.730Z
                                                            Right Alt not working in tinypilot's web interface
                                                            I’m using your Tinypilot software and I came across one issue. I connect to the remote laptop using tinypilot's web interface. USB on the go forwards keystrokes to the laptop and almost everything works fine. I can use shift and control keys (except ...
                                                              GeneralPA2112022-02-07 12:54:09.003Z
                                                              problem with mouse and keyboard
                                                              Hi, Today I received the package of TinyPilot 2 and i also tried to connect this with motherboard BTC-S37, screen is showing correctly but mouse and keyboard isn't working, i have also double checked the installation and everything looks fine but the...
                                                                GeneralM272022-02-04 22:08:21.673Z
                                                                I connected to my iPhone via TinyPilot, but I found an error in mouse operation.
                                                                I connected to my iPhone via TinyPilot. I displayed the screen with a video capture, but I can't operate it with the mouse. The mouse seems to move a little, but for example, it seems that the accelerator and the brake are applied at the same time. I...
                                                                  GeneralK12022-02-03 18:40:10.244Z
                                                                  TinyPilot Voyager and KVM
                                                                  I read on reddit and on this page ( that the AIMOS 4 port HDMI KVM would work with the TinyPilot. I purchased the one from Amazon using the wiki link (
                                                                    GeneralC2SJGE252022-02-02 13:16:41.491Z
                                                                    The latency is too long
                                                                    Hello, I am trying to use TinyPilot via, but the latency is neraly 10-20 seconds with low image quality and low FPS. What can be a solution?
                                                                      GeneralKA22022-01-31 19:17:25.935Z
                                                                      Can't Connect Via Hostname
                                                                      Hey all, We have 8 tiny pilots in use across our multiple locations, all the locations are connected via an internal network. The issue I am having is I am having is I can only connect to one of the 8 via the hostname. I have changed each one from th...
                                                                        GeneralZAZ22022-01-31 06:37:34.178Z
                                                                        Installation fails with git clone error
                                                                        I'm installing TinyPilot on a new RPi 4 running the latest updated version of Raspian OS Lite. The installation script is falling over on the command: /usr/bin/git clone --origin origin /opt/tinypilot givin...
                                                                          GeneralPP52022-01-26 20:27:22.942Z
                                                                          Voyager 2 POE?
                                                                          Does the Voyager 2 support POE? I thought it did when I ordered it earlier this month but now I realize it may not… yet?
                                                                            GeneralR12022-01-24 19:39:58.947Z
                                                                            USB Devices not created
                                                                            I have just installed TinyPilot on a RPi Zero W, having made a clean (and updated) install of Raspian Lite. The USB gadgets are not being created. init-usb-gadget fails on boot. *sudo journalctl -u usb-gadget *provides the following: Jan 18 22:05:51 ...
                                                                              Technical SupportPP32022-01-19 23:21:25.990Z
                                                                              How to best schedule a weekly or nightly reboot for performance?
                                                                              Hi there. I noticed that after about a week being connected and up and running to an always-on system that tiny pilot needs to be power cycled in order to maintain its snappy and responsive performance. Otherwise, things slow to a crawl when trying t...
                                                                                GeneralAA32022-01-19 21:33:54.667Z
                                                                                Blank screen on old mac mini
                                                                                I've got my tinypilot (hobbyist kit) up and running great. Confirmed by connecting it to my laptop dock and it mirrored my mac pro screen great. the problems begin when i connect to an old mac mini [mid 2011 - A1347 (EMC 2442)] i just get a blank scr...
                                                                                  Technical SupportK12022-01-18 17:33:24.642Z